REDlinx…the home of everything property. Support your people with conversations and resources, in one central, instantly searchable private hub. Imagine the ease of REDlinx Collaboration. The free flow of conversation. The sharing of knowledge.


Easy to use

It’s so easy-to-use you can get your organization on-board within a week. Your Intranet can be so much more than a news feed of one-way, top-down communication. REDlinx lets you unlock the benefits of a true social intranet platform for your business.

Self-Serve Knowledge Base

Let your team serve themselves 24/7 and provide access to an extensive resources for Sales, Property Management and Management. Instantly search for the right advice to help you solve your issue. REDlinx is quick access to RED brains trust for industry discussions, sharing of knowledge and expertise.

People & Profiles

Make your organization come alive. Your new company directory and personal profiles help put faces to names, break down silos.

Onboarding & Training

Empower your new employees to hit the ground running by accelerating their orientation and training. Launch communities for new employees and subject-matter experts so they can connect and help each other. Increase educational engagement and knowledge retention by using both formal and informal learning programs. Learning becomes social, and more fun, and new hires are more effective more quickly.

Online Team Workspaces

Secure and reliable platform for centralised Agency communication. Instantly create dynamic online workspaces to enable your people to work together. Your private hub is a simple, yet powerful, way to manage your business’s resources, documents and conversations. Redlinx let’s you organize in a way that is comfortable and familiar to how you already work. There’s virtually no learning curve and your people can step-right-in to get the job done. Escape from email inboxes and unite your team so they can collaborate like never before.