REDlinx…the home of everything property. Support your people with conversations and resources, in one central, instantly searchable private hub. Imagine the ease of REDlinx Collaboration. The free flow of conversation. The sharing of knowledge.

REDlinx will help grow my business and protect it’s sustainability…..
It will help me achieve my business goals, now, and into the future. We will have fast access to high performance and best business practices, processes and systems so that my people can be successful.

Things will be easier and we will gain so much time back…..
Having our own secure and private central hub for our internal communication and storage of our favourite documents will bring us efficiencies that buy back time and reduce our internal email too. We’ll have more time for customer centric actions to create raving fans and achieve faster results.

I will make more money…..
With increased transparency throughout my organization, we can identify and free up bottlenecks quickly. Silos disappear. In turn, our team will be far more productive and accountable. We will spend less, earn more and make more money.

It will give me the competitive edge I’ve been looking for…..
My team can all have fun working in our new, modern and mobile responsive digital workspace; giving us connectivity with the best in industry support and most importantly, with each other.

I will have peace of mind, so I can sleep at night…..
I’ll have peace of mind knowing my team are supported with the right advice, solutions and extensive resources in one central digital platform for all of my business needs… Management, Property Management and Sales.

It will support me to empower my people…..
My staff will be empowered by being able to self help and self educate with easy 24/7 access to the REDlinx community to source helpful industry discussions, knowledge transfer and advice; giving them greater confidence and independence to succeed in their role. It also means we can better support and on-board new employees quickly, empowering them to hit the ground running faster.

I‘ll become an attraction business and my people will want to stay…..
REDlinx will help us build stronger working relationships and will keep the team connected in communal communication and collaboration; fostering unity, innovation, opportunities, a supported team culture and staff retention. It means that team members working remotely will no longer need to feel isolated or disconnected from the rest of the business.

Our culture will be great and it will be fun to work in my business…..
Being able to instantly recognise contributions and successes in our own private hub will help motivate and inspire everyone from managers to employees, to support one another to achieve our goals. We can do so much more when we work together.