Benefits to you… Using the procedures in PM BOSS


Many Property Managers are aware that they use PM BOSS alongside their Trust Account Program for letters and documents that are sent to Tenants and Landlords when the need arises. However, we’re sure there are many Property Managers who are not aware that PM BOSS has a comprehensive library of Procedures that will help in most situations that you will deal with in Property Management. These are also fantastic training tools for new staff in your Agency.

Each module of documents and letters has its own Procedure which can be accessed through the Real Estate Dynamics website. All that is required is your login and password. If you forget your details, please email us.

Each Procedure contains a best practice method for dealing with the situation, references to documents required, checklists, and of course the Legislation taken directly from the Act. (All except PM BOSS Lite / Best Practice). There are also useful tips + references to cases previously heard at a Tribunal. You never know, you might learn something that you didn’t know!

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