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It’s no secret in today’s world that a lot of us are dealing with high volumes of stress. This can often result in your people operating at below average. When you have issues with performance or unhappy staff, where things are not going right, you need to look at what may be going on in their personal lives.

In this video, Sandra Larkin shares some valuable information, to leaders, about the wellbeing of your business.

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Brad: Welcome to another edition of Rent Roll Insights. My name is Brad Miller from Real Estate Dynamics where we help property management businesses build, buy and sell through our Rent Roll coaching, property management training and Business Brokerage right across Australia. Today I am joined with Sandra Larkin. Sandra is going to talk to you leaders in particular, about the wellbeing of your business. Sandra welcome along.

Sandra: Thank you very much Brad.

Brad: Sandra can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

Sandra: Well what I get to do is help people transform their lives from living ordinary to extraordinary every day.

Brad: That sounds really impressive. How do you do that?

Sandra: Well I mentor people through change so mentoring through change of habits and behaviors and there are four core areas that I do that. Its helping them get their health and wellbeing to a point and helping them deal and build resilience and deal with a world that’s full of demands and stress.

Brad: How do you find that is helping people day to day?

Sandra: You’d be surprised how many people are operating on below average. They show up every day to work showing a face, and then a face they don’t show because they’re faking it. It’s that old adage saying, “Fake it till you make it.” When you’ve got some issues with performance or unhappy staff where things are not going right then you know you need to look rather than push them to drive them to work harder, that old style of leadership doesn’t work. You need to bring in EQ in the business and go “well what’s going on for them?” because normally you will find that what’s happening with their personal lives is directly related to what’s happening in their professional life. So, if they’re not performing look what’s happening for them personally.

Brad: That’s like a balancing act.

Sandra: Definitely. Most of us if we’ve got lots of things happen in our personal lives and we’re really putting too much into our professional life, I call it “The Seesaw Principle” where we’re operating like this and if we think oh my god something has got to change and we put everything into our personal life and our professional life ends up down here and we never get that swing right, we never get that equilibrium swing in a healthy range where you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You can actually be fully sustained in your personal lives and feel like you’re giving and you’re healthy and everything else and you’re giving to yourself and your loved ones as well as be successful at work. There is no secret in today’s world that we are dealing with high volumes of stress like never before. So, there’s emotional and psychological stress that is a long-term resolve. Short-term there’s two types of stress, but short-term stress you deal with quickly; long-term takes a long time like financial problems, depression, health issues, loss, grief, loss of someone from terminal illness. All these things are real today and if that sort of stress is what you’re dealing with on a personal level and you’ve got the demands of work stress, they’re just going to all snowball. It’s alarming the stats of what young people, what we all put up with today, one in four people suffer from depression and mental illness Brad and suicide is the second cause of death in today’s world and it’s affecting between fifteen and twenty-nine year olds. Now that is alarming. That’s our staff, that’s our Property Managers that’s our Sales Agents. Its people coming into the industry, it’s our youth. So, we really need to look at that seriously and start spending money on personal development and helping your staff being able to cope with life and cope with stress.

Brad: What are some of the things that are important to point out about looking after your people?

Sandra: Stress is never going to go away, it always going to be here. It’s been around for eons or centuries. So, if it’s never going to go away the only thing I suggest to my clients is, you’ve got to change your relationship with stress. So, if you can change your mind about stress you can actually change your body’s response to stress. I teach them how to change their relationship.

Brad:  This is so vital and there is a lack of this in our industry. We’re so focused on performance, meeting profit margins, growth revenues, but we sometimes get caught up in all of that that our people need some guidance from us as leaders. Of course, if you have happy people well it necessarily follows that you’re going to have happy clients as well.

Sandra: Exactly and this is what people are doing. I find a lot of businesses, if they’ve got a lot of complaints coming in from clients, they’ll spend all this budget trying to skill-set train them in customer service, which is important, but it may not be the area, you may be spending your money in the wrong area. So, if you start to look at your people and start spending money on their personal development; wow. Then you make some change. Then you’ve got staff that feel nurtured and cared for that changes will come.

Brad: Sandra, what can you do to help our leaders out there who are now thinking, I need to do something for my people, there’s a gap here? What can you do to help?

Sandra: So, I can work with the leaders if they want to get more knowledge around this and more skill set around emotional intelligence and nurturing and caring for their staff. And I can also work with Sales Agents where I can work in these four core areas that helps them change. Then their performance increases, their productivity increases and obviously their income increases which affects leaders profit line. I also can work with the Property Management team and Administration team around group training session. There’s lots of different options that I can help people with whether its leaders, Sales Agents or Property Management team.

Brad: If you’re out there right now thinking “I need to do something here”, Sandra; can someone give you a call and catch-up?

Sandra: You can call me. All my details will be on the screen.

Brad: Sandra thanks for joining us.

Sandra: You’re welcome.

Brad: Great to have you here and thank you all for tuning in to another edition of Rent Roll Insights. I’m Brad Miller and we’ll talk soon..


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