Organic Growth 101

Having trouble accelerating the organic growth of your department?

Many agencies, likely to include your competitor down the road, are now directing their resources and attention to accelerating the organic growth of their rent roll. If you aren’t doing the same, you could find yourself struggling to recover the attrition. This means that the BDM’s aren’t meeting their own KPI’s and leaders suffocate with strategies to lead their BDM’s to success. Where are they going wrong? What more can they do? Why are some BDM’s so successful?

In this Q&A webinar we go through the channels you can tap into in order to maximise the lead generation, how to set up your BDM for success from day 1 in the role (experienced or not!), the latest tech our BDM’s are using to maximise efficiency and what leaders need to be doing to support their BDM’s and track their results.

What should you look for in a BDM?

Can a Property Manager be a BDM?

What should my BDM achieve each month?

How do I monitor a BDM?

Why is a Positive mindset important for a BDM?

What tech should a BDM use?

Why do BDM assistants exist?

How does a leader support a BDM?

How do startups grow organically?


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