The power of data

Do you win new business or lose it at the point of enquiry?

When presented with a new business opportunity by a phone or email inquiry, is your customer service delivery, winning or losing you the business?

What is your customer’s experience really like at that point? Are you missing out on new managements or sales listings as a result of your customer service or the lack of it? How can you find out?

Mystery Shopping by a third party is increasingly becoming a strategy for Business Owners to gain independent Intel about their customer service experiences at the point of receiving a listing enquiry; for both Property Management and Sales.

The impact of the customer’s experience can be far reaching too as we all know, news of bad customer service experiences does travel quickly. Business Owners are increasingly using Mystery Shopping experiences to take a serious look at their customer service experiences, particularly when it comes to new business opportunities.

Is your perception, your reality?

Every Business Owner would love to think that their Agency delivers 5 star customer service to every prospective client who contacts the Agency about listing their property for management or sale. They’d love to think that these customers then choose to give the business to them. It’s then even more exciting to know that satisfied customers will tell everyone about their great customer experience most of the time! Who doesn’t love free marketing and more new business opportunities!

But, is this the reality for your business?

As many of our Mystery Shop Clients have discovered, their comprehensive Mystery Shop Report showed that their reality was very different to their perception. Many found out that they were missing out on new business because of poor customer service at the point of enquiry. In turn, this meant that those unsatisfied customers would then spread the word of their poor customer experience to twice as many people than had it been a good customer service experience. Negative news travels faster and further than we like to think. What is the real cost of lost business opportunities due to poor customer service?

Data empowers Business Owners

The benefit to Mystery Shop Clients who find they rate lower than expected is that they have real data to base their management and business decisions on about their client service delivery. Transparency and clarity gives way to greater opportunities for a proactive change in systems, processes, staff training, attitude and skills. It’s true that many Business Owners find it confronting yet as a result of the Mystery Shop experience, they are empowered with credible evidence that helps them identify issues that may otherwise have unknowingly continued to cost them business and income, and more importantly, they have the chance to take action for improvement.

Their staff develop professionally with improved skills and knowledge that they usually don’t know they need. They gain a greater sense of pride in themselves and their Agency because they secure new business, instead of missing it. Many of these businesses will become the Agency of choice for an increasing number of satisfied customers if they choose to take action to change their reality. And the best news is that through great customer service experiences… the word spreads, which in turn will attract even more new business opportunities in the future.

What is your next step?

If you are interested in finding out how your Agency rates in customer service by having an independent Mystery Shop for your Property Management and / Sales Departments, check out details for our popular RED Mystery Shops.


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