Want To Double Your New Managements?

Want to double your new managements before Christmas? Meet Rebecca, she did just that during our STANDOUT BDM Performance Program.

In 2019, we have proven that our very own STANDOUT BDM Performance Program equips any BDM with the right tools, resources & performance coaching to align them with the top performing BDM’s in the country. The question is, does your BDM have what it takes to succeed?

Whether your BDM is just starting out or whether they are well into their career, this program has been designed for everyone with any experience and the results speak for themselves – Jamie from Code Property Group secured 44 new managements and started her career as a BDM 5 years ago and Leanne from Peter Lees Real Estate secured 31 new managements and started her career the same week that she started our STANDOUT BDM Performance Program.  That’s right, 31 new managements in her first 8 weeks as a BDM.  Whether you are fresh faced and eager to learn or a veteran and looking for a challenge, this program is for you. Click below to book now.


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