Rent Arrears

How to fix the rent ‘payment’ problems with Tenants (So you can concentrate on the real problems) Do you have Tenants on your rent arrears list that are often between 1-7 days late, but then [...]

Toads By 10

Is there that one task that you dread doing, and you put it off all day until eventually it doesn’t get done? Here’s our tip: Introduce “Toads by 10”. Toads represent those tasks that [...]

Bin Day Tip

Moving in to a new property is a very exciting time for a Tenant, and is often full of new things. A new home, new street, and maybe even a new bin day! With everything else going on, it would be [...]

Air Conditioners

Share this helpful and informative video about air conditioners with not only your PM team, but also with your Landlords MORE TIPS Consider offering your Landlords a ‘special offer’ regarding [...]