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By Coaches That Know Real Estate

Accelerated business performance strategies that support leaders and their teams through change

You, like many others, are here because you want things to be different.

You have been looking to make some kind of change, find a better way or make a bigger difference, you know at a deep level in yourself that it is possible.  This urge, that you have important goals to reach, is continually calling you yet is illusive and just beyond your reach.

The reason why your business has paused here is because it has caught up with your level of business knowledge, otherwise this problem would not have come to be… you would have simply solved it and moved onward and upward as you have done with lower level issues.

The effort you have made to get your business to this point is not going to be enough, or the same, to allow a breakthrough to the next stage.  It is likely you have identified this and have become aware that there are missing elements to your knowledge and that a gap is to be bridged if you are to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Congratulations, you have found the right place to gain this new knowledge and apply a different way of thinking about your business which will enable you to accomplish your objectives and achieve those goals.

Business Coaching will help you unlock your potential and open up a whole new world of business opportunities.  You won’t see your business the same way ever again.

I wish I had a coach before I started my business

Why do people seek out Business Coaching?

It is difficult to see the full picture when you are inside the frame.

Business Coaching gives you the ability to talk with someone outside of your business who can offer a different point of view. At RED this relationship is further enhanced because we specialise in Real Estate Practice and have an intricate knowledge of all aspects of the business, especially your Rent Roll asset. Our Strategist and Coaches have industry specific knowledge and are supported by the RED Mastery Resources to ensure that you are supported with everything you need to structure, evolve and grow your real estate business.

As many of our team have had their own agencies, they understand that leading a successful business can be lonely and even though things regularly go well, they can quickly shift to bad where you are just keeping your head above water.  Every decision you make has consequences that you are responsible for and this is a heavy burden that eventually takes its toll.

All high performance individuals get to a point where they don’t have the knowledge to get themselves to what they know is their full potential, they keep trying for a while, but eventually give up or… they get a coach.  Coaching is a way to gain support, knowledge and guidance, this will give you confidence in knowing that you are on the right path.

I know I can call whenever I need

There was no hesitation around joining the coaching and training program as it compliments what RED does well and it came at exactly the right time for us! It’s great to have someone who I’m accountable to. My coach, Liz, is awesome guiding me through day to day business matters, she provides great support and has the experience I can draw upon. The support I receive is what I like most about the program, I know I can call whenever I need. Brad is great from a strategic point of view as it allows me to think differently from day to day and makes me look at the strategic approach. This is extremely helpful when I report back to the Directors and brings me back to the strategy of the organisation. I would absolutely recommend the program, I cannot fault it and the support is outstanding.


Purpose Real Estate, QLD

Why it Works

At RED, we focus on helping leaders, like you, build their Rent Roll through a proven Property Management model that is efficient, systems driven and designed to suit the strengths of your people. Once the structure and systems are embedded in to any Rent Roll the pain you experience around low growth, staff turnover, client retention and lack of profit immediately begin to reduce.

The whole program builds a solid structure in the Rent Roll business, one designed to achieve scalability.

The reason this program is so successful is the combination of training, resources and coaching which create the ideal success environment for you, your team and your business.

Training Element

  • Set tasks and implementations to help you structure & build your Business
  • Access to all recorded Training sessions at any time to allow you versatility in bringing the team together
  • Property Management Training for all roles in the department

Resource Element

  • Support Property Managers along with live chat functionality
  • Online scenario database to support Property Managers
  • Access to all of the forms letters, templates systems and processes in an editable format

Coaching Element

  • Structured fortnightly Coaching meetings
  • Coaching Support available during all business hours
  • Access to Leadership Hotline during all business hours for those larger business challenges

See what happens when these elements are applied through our Business Coaching.
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Real Estate Business Coaching

Many principals who contact us have no idea that such a niche program like our Real Estate Business Coaching was even available. We regularly hear from those that are in Real Estate franchises that say they don’t receive anything like our business coaching, training and support from their current group.  Others say that they wouldn’t have gone with a group if they knew about us at the time and it would have saved them 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars a year!

I’m out doing business on my own and I’m glad that I surrounded myself with a support network and a coach

“Having been with a franchise group, none of this was offered!”

We had no hesitation at all in going with the coaching and training program provided by Real Estate Dynamics, it has given great direction rather than doing it by ourselves and the saving of time by running our ideas by RED. We love the business structure side of things (Four Quadrant Model) and having tools already set up is much easier than creating them ourselves; Previously having been with a franchise group, none of this was offered. It is a benefit to have the external support from an external point of view, tools already designed and supplied and being held accountable each month to someone external. We would highly recommend RED’s service to agencies WAY outside of our marketplace. There is nothing I can think of that they could do differently.


Rise Property Management – Melbourne

What are the first steps?

Your business coach will meet with you for an initial discovery session to identify solutions for your most pressing issues. From there, you will set up a fortnightly meeting momentum for the ongoing relationship.

Your Coach will become very intimate with your business and you objectives, we find that the longer the relationship continues, the more the business grows.  Initially there is a change management process to move through and learning that will require implementation work by you and your team.  Here is an overview:

“Fees are very reasonable for what is offered”

My biggest hesitation about the coaching and training program was if we would be steered in the right direction and would we have what we wanted for opening the doors from day one.
Being part of the program has provided us with everything we need and more! We have all the tools and systems to setup the department with the bonus of a coach to help us to get the systems right. We are just starting out and even thought we are growing a lot faster than we thought, we feel supported. I can call anytime, and I don’t feel silly! I would absolutely recommend the coaching and training program. The team is great with a wealth of knowledge and everything is so easy find. I have nothing but great things to say about RED Business Coaching.


One Agency Advantage – Caboolture

How much is it?

$785 inc GST per month

What if it isn’t for me?

If you don’t feel that this coaching program works for you, the same way it has worked for hundreds of other Real Estate businesses, you can ‘Cut Us Off’ at a moments notice. 

We understand that finding the right Coaching & Training organisation to support your business development journey can be hard. When it comes to choosing us, we want you to have total confidence and trust in our ability to get you to where you want your business to be.

Here at RED, we believe that you can achieve great things with our program so we offer a ‘Cut Us Off’promise for the first 3 months of your 12 month membership. If you find that after applying our Business Coaching & Training Systems that the relationship is not for you, you can ‘Cut Us Off’ at a moments notice and we will end the membership instantly. No questions asked! 100% Guaranteed!

We have been helping people Build Real Estate Businesses for over 15 years and we have developed the winning formula to building Pain-Free Property Management Businesses.

More Success Stories

See how we have helped everyday people to grow their businesses further than they thought was possible.

We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t go through the coaching process with Real Estate Dynamics.

Ellen Sifonios

Clark Real Estate

Our business has been a sales only business for a number of years

Robin McIlwain

Belle Property Toowong

Justin Miller

Surround yourself with people who are the top of their industry. I cannot quantify the value  Real Estate Dynamics has brought to my business

Justin Miller

RE/MAX Regency

Our Property Management department wasn’t getting the same attention that we gave our Sales Department.

Sue Pearce

Page & Pearce

Are You Ready to Grow your Business & Rent Roll?

Discover the winning formula for building a pain-free business through our Business Coaching.

Mat Paramor – Real Estate Strategist

Mat Paramor is process and relationship centric with a broad range of experience internationally with the UK property market and also the Australian property markets. Mat is experienced in building new revenue generating departments in existing businesses and growing sales teams to exceed targets while providing exceptional customer service to clients.

From 2006- 2017 he worked in various roles in London from business development in a large corporate agency, to a tenant advocate and National Corporate Services and Leasing Manager for a large franchise group.

On his return to Australia in 2017, Mat took an operations role for a large Property Management firm in Melbourne. Part of the role included restructuring the onboarding, training and accountability for leasing staff along with developing a roll out process for change and communication between leasing and Property Management departments. He has also been appointed as State Manager for 4 states for a national specialist Property Management company. He was responsible for leading the Business Development teams, client services and rolling out a nationwide restructure from the Head Office in Melbourne.

Mat now brings his extensive knowledge to Real Estate Dynamics (RED) in his role as Real Estate Strategist. Using the experience, he has gained in different markets around the world, Mat is here at RED to help our clients reach their business goals.

To find out more, why not have a complimentary coaching session on us.

Please complete the below form and we will be in touch to arrange a time convenient for you.


Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. If you decide within the first 90 days that our coaching program isn’t the best way for you to build your property management business, simply cancel your account instantly by notifying us.

How long are your contracts?

All coaching plans are 12 month plans that automatically move to month to month after the end of the period.  You can cancel at anytime after that if you feel we are not providing you with the support and guidance you need.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts to our Business Coaching members with 20% discount on shop items, training, events and products.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at your renewal point or at anytime in the month to month period.

Do I need to buy any special technology?

The only thing you will need is a device with video conferencing ability ie: camera and mic.  We utilise Zoom for our regular meetings, you will receive a link that we take you directly in to the meeting room for your sessions.

What happens when I refer someone else?

We have a Client Loyalty Program which states that for any client you refer, that engages our coaching service, we will giving you one month membership for free!  Yep, that’s right, if you know 12 people that could use business coaching you could be on your way to getting a year of coaching for FREE!

Can I talk with other clients you currently have that are business owners?

Yes, we have worked with thousands of real estate businesses which has allowed us to build a large RED community. We have people you can talk to if you have questions around what the coaching is like.  We know our coaching works, but don’t take our word for it, click here to read what our clients say about us.

Can I speed up or slow down through the program?

We understand that in your business you may be swamped with priorities at times or you may have space to focus in on building the business. We can allow for these times and support you by either ramping up pace and delivery or pausing the program whilst helping you to map out a plan to get through those priorities before continuing back on the path.


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