2020 Upcoming Events

Accelerated Rent Roll Growth Masterclass

QLD: Tuesday, 6th October @ 12:00pm AEST
NSW: Wednesday, 7th October @ 12:00pm AEST
VIC: Thursday, 8th October @ 12:00pm AEST

More Money | More Wealth | More Profit
The average selling price of a Rent Roll of 100 is nearly $500,000.00 (according to recent sales data at RED).

That’s right! Every additional 100 managements will add nearly half a million dollars to your Rent Roll asset.

Is your Rent Roll giving you the money, wealth and profit you want?

Join Nathan Brett, CEO and the Real Estate Dynamics Brokerage team, for this action-packed presentation where they will share:

Why business development (organic growth) is a ‘non-negotiable’ in your Rent Roll growth strategy
How to launch 7 successful growth channels in your agency today
The Rent Roll ‘sweet spots’ – where maximum profits are likely to occur (and how you can ‘jump’ to the next ‘sweet spot’)
How to leverage your Rent Roll – do less work and earn more money and profit plus …
Important state-specific data and trends in property management
Some Rent Rolls are growing smartly, successfully and create significant wealth and freedom for business owners, however, many are not and … it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you would like more money, more wealth and more profit, we would love to introduce some key principles and show you how.


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