Extended DISC Assessments for BDM’s and Sales Agents

Guide your BDM’s & Sales Agents to superior sales performance.

What do DISC Assessments Measure?

DISC is designed to accurately measure and individual’s behaviours in different environments.  DISC is a behavioural assessment, not a personality assessment, which makes it ideal for understanding behaviour in the workplace.

B = f(P, E)

This equation by psychologist Kurt Lewin, shows a formula that determines our behaviour.  B = Behaviour, f = a function of, P = Person (personality) & E = Environment (both social and physical). Our personalities change very little during our life, therefore, to influence different behaviours you must control or alter your environment.

In the workplace this can be tricky due to the various personalities that make up the culture of your agency, so it is important that you select the right mix of people to be on your team so that they can work together for high performance.

Extended DISC Assessment vs DISC Self Assessment

What’s the Difference?  Unlike using a DISC self-assessment model – Extended DISC (EDISC) is an advanced level of DISC that uses a validated psychometric algorithm.  It will determine an individual’s natural and adjusted behavioural tendencies and considers both conscious and unconscious behaviour.

The assessment suggests how an individual may respond to difficulties, various work environments, procedures and other team members. The EDISC Assessment delivers a 24-page detailed report helping each person to accurately understand their strengths and weaknesses whilst providing a development plan to help them to enhance their performance.

Improve Sales Performance with Real Estate Dynamics

As accredited practitioners of Extended DISC, we can provide you with online assessments to empower you to get the best from your BDM’s and Salespeople, improve their performance and ultimately the bottom line.

The Extended DISC® Assessments are part of the daily management system in thousands of organisations all over the world and they provide information that is practical and specific to your Real Estate Agency.

Enhance Your Sales Success

Success in sales is often determined by how well BDM & sales professionals interact with your clients and prospects. Top salespeople and BDM’s are confidently self-aware and able to communicate their prospecting message or listing presentation with little stress or pressure.

These successful professionals not only understand their DISC style but also understand the DISC types of others. Their ability to effectively relate, communicate and influence is crucially important when selling and creating relationships with clients and prospects. They understand how they need to behave and interact to be successful.

Understand the Styles of your Sales Team

Do you require your BDM’s & Sales Agents to be more like a ‘Hunter’ style or an ‘Expert’?

Some products require specialist knowledge, some roles require cold calling, while others require more of a personal touch. Every organisation has a specific need for a different approach, and some may even require a variety of sales methods. Understanding the traits needed enhances the chances of success.

We can help you gain an insight into the style of a candidate before you employee them.  Depending on the type of role you want filled we can provide Sales & Service assessments to identify an individual’s natural selling style.

In most interviews, you only get surface information the candidate wants to share and when you are interview for sales type roles, you only get what you want to hear. Through our reporting you can find out what an interview won’t uncover.

Understand the Sales Competences

The Sales Competence Assessment provides explicit and tangible information to create a road map to success by identifying strengths and development areas in the following 18 critically important sales competences.

  • Prospecting
  • Active listening
  • Qualifying
  • Critical thinking
  • Building rapport
  • Ambition and initiative
  • Process Orientation
  • Presenting
  • Goal Orientation
  • Time Management
  • Need for approval
  • Dealing with failure
  • Controlling the sales call/process
  • Competitiveness
  • Handling stalls and objections
  • Money Concept
  • Questioning effectiveness
  • Emotional Detachment

Development Plans

You can equip yourself, your department managers and team with the skills and strategies they need to make a positive difference in their performance.

A Real Estate Dynamics EDISC Practitioner can help you identify which competences are crucial to your organisation and business, assess your BDM’s and Sales Team, and recognise where your agents need extra coaching and development or where their strengths are.

The Sales Competence Assessment measures the Excuse Index of the individual. Allowing Managers to identify how likely their BDM or salesperson is to procrastinate on their sales tasks. Use this to delve deeper into issues that could be holding your agents back from sales success.

Sell your services better than ever

The fact is that many highly-regarded BDM’s and salespeople still miss many listings and sales because they always sell the same way with the same methods and frankly, this isn’t always effective.

By understanding their behavioural styles, your sales team can learn to communicate more effectively with all other styles of customers, at a level the customer is comfortable with, improving the chance of success.

Enhance the Sales Process with Smarter Reports

Real Estate Dynamics can also specialise, tailor and customise the Extended DISC Sales Behavioural Reports, to answer all these questions for you. These reports can be designed to fit the specific requirements of the specific sales role, by choosing from over 1500 focused competencies required by the role you need filled.

These are not “off the shelf” reports but can be designed to your precise specifications and focused on your specific industry/business through customised, branded reports, in whatever format and with whatever content you wish.


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