Leadership Coaching

Most suited to: Executives, Managers, Team Leaders & Individuals

Are you unsure of how to manage difficult team members?

This is aimed to help you improve your leadership capabilities. Identifying what type of leader, you wish to become, the gap between where you are now, and where you wish to be.

You as the leader drives the culture of your business, and it is important that you understand your influence on the performance of the business.

Are you a new leader wanting to polish your skills to increase team performance?

Newly Assigned Leader Coaching

As an individual assigned or hired into a new leadership role, our coaches will help you to quickly “onboard.”

The goal of the coaching is to clarify your key responsibilities, the deliverables, and ways to integrate the team you will lead. The major focus of this type of coaching is about helping you to incorporate and achieve the business objectives.

Do you often struggle to give feedback?

Provide Feedback and Development Planning

Coaching to help prepare you to assess performance of teams and individuals. To equip you to deliver communication with confidence and understanding. Your coach will help you to develop plans to monitor and improve performance by clarity of roles, and systems.

Your coach will help you to learn how to ask powerful questions to precisely identify the course of the performance gap. Then support your team with plans for improvement based on the discovery.

In addition, your coach can work with your team to make career decisions and establish professional development plans based on feedback, assessment results, and other relevant data.

Don’t hold your self or your business back!

Targeted Behavioural Coaching

Unsure of how to support a team member who is consistently swimming in their own lane? Your coach can provide targeted behavioural coaching and help individuals change specific behaviours/habits and learn effective ways to work and interact with the team.

This type of coaching can also help you continue to be very successful in your current role or take on new responsibilities that require a change in your specific behaviours.


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