Leadership and Management is lacking in Real Estate Businesses

This half day Training Session will teach you how to manage and lead a Property Management Team.

We build Leadership and Management!

My team are constantly asking me questions every day!

After this Training Session, you will regain your confidence and build the knowledge and skills to lead and manage your team.

You will learn how to effectively delegate the high volume of seemingly random and time sensitive micro tasks.

For most Rent Roll Managers and Team Leaders, balancing the demands of profit and growth with Client expectations, as well as the constant struggle of getting both ‘People’ and ‘Process’ right, makes for a challenging time.

Yet, with some simple modelling, a strategic approach, and the right tools, you can become a stronger manager and leader. In this Training Session, Real Estate Dynamics will not only show you how, but leave you feeling inspired and motivated to put all that you have learned into action.

I run out of time every day!

Take back control of your day, your team and your business.

This Leadership and Management Training Course will teach you the different roles of Leadership and Management, and why each is critical.

You will also learn how to plan, strategically manage, organise and control a Property Management Department.

On the day, the 4 Quadrant Model of Property Management framework will be presented, as well as the Strategies for measuring and managing performance right across a Property Management Team.

The course entails intensive training that you will not want to miss if you are serious about taking your Team and Business into the ‘high performance’ stakes.


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