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The work of a property manager is quite challenging. You not only have to constantly deal with increasing workloads, conflicting legislative requirements, Landlord demands and Tenant complaints but also maintain a level head and advisory stance in every situation.

Stress has become one of the biggest reasons for property manager turnover. In property management, pressure can build up to dangerous levels due to the constant influx of calls, emails, and urgent priorities, all of which take a toll on a property manager’s productivity and adversely impact their Landlord and Tenant interactions.

Further, there are times when responding to clients takes longer than expected as the property manager cannot wade through the enormous amount of legislation and scenarios in a timeframe that meets the expectations of Landlords and Tenants.

When the property manager can’t come up with the answer off the top of their head or cannot find answers quickly, it leads to missed service promises, and complaints about unreturned calls, resulting in property losses. All of which leaves everyone dissatisfied and frustrated.

These are common problems many property management businesses face. The problem stems from unorganised business knowledge that is only in the heads of those property managers that have rightly or wrongly worked their way through these issues before.

This wealth of knowledge is then lost. Once the stress of property management eventually overwhelms the employee, they leave the industry with all that knowledge in their head, leaving the business to make all the same mistakes again.

We’ve gathered the collective intelligence of hundreds of Property Managers across the country to provide the most comprehensive Property Management Knowledge Base that’s ever existed.

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KNOWLEDGE is the instant solution for all Property Managers.

Embracing our KNOWLEDGE management solution is key to addressing this massive issue.

KNOWLEDGE is an online resource library and support hub that acts as a central resource base for your agents to get the answers they need quickly.


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KNOWLEDGE supports your business and is the central,

instantly accessible hub for all your solutions, PM answers, documents and resources.

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Resource Library

An extensive library of checklists, letters, best practice guides, systems and flowcharts that guide you through the entire life cycle of a management.

Legislation Links

Don’t miss out. Stay live and up-to-date on any legislation changes, with links from all legislative bodies and organisations across Australia.

Advice & FAQ

You asked, we answered. Get access to hundreds of Scenarios and Frequently Asked Questions from real Property Managers around the country.

Learning Library

Improve your knowledge with our learning library. Our videos and scripts will help you with anything from time management to overcoming objections.


Archive Library

Dive into the RED archives and search for over 100 processes, templates, letters and checklists from our popular BOSS product suites to help you get help instantly.


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