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According to our recent sales data, the average value of one management is $4,582.68

Accelerated Rent Roll Growth

That’s right!  Every additional 100 managements will add nearly half a million dollars to your rent roll asset.

Is your rent roll giving you the money, wealth and profit you want?

This keynote focuses on

  • Why business development (organic growth) is a ‘non-negotiable’ in your rent roll growth strategy
  • How to launch 7 successful growth channels in your agency today
  • The rent roll ‘sweet spots’ – where maximum profits are likely to occur (and how you can ‘jump’ to the next ‘sweet spot’)
  • How to leverage your rent roll – do less work and earn more money and profit plus …
  • Important data and trends in property management

Some rent rolls are growing smartly, successfully and create significant wealth and freedom for business owners; however, many are not and … it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you would like more money, more wealth and more profit, we would love to introduce some key principles and show you how.

The Property Managers who deliver a truly remarkable letting experience stand to win big in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The Leasing Machine

Teams and individuals who adopt techniques and resources that provide an easy and seamless Landlord and Tenant experience from start to finish will deliver on that ‘truly remarkable letting experience’.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • ‘Set up’ Landlords for a brilliant Leasing experience
  • Use helpful scripts and dialogues to provide feedback to Landlords during the Leasing process
  • Implement The Leasing ‘Production’ Line
  • Identify Key Areas you need to succeed in Leasing in any marketplace
  • Identify the Key Data which can be used to monitor your Leasing Success

Managing and Leading a team is a challenging responsibility in any business, with often less than perfect outcomes.

Leadership and Management in Property Management

In Property Management it is even more so.  Here, the high volume of seemingly random and time sensitive micro tasks necessitates constant diligence with Process and Systems.

Add to that the high cost of “people” in a Property Management business, and you will quickly realise that expert guidance and leadership is not negotiable.

For a Rent Roll Manager or Team Leader, balancing the demands of profit and growth with client expectations as well as the constant struggle of getting both ‘People’ and ‘Process’ right makes for a challenging time.

Yet, with some simple modelling, strategic approach, and the right tools, it can all be achieved. In this workshop Real Estate Dynamics will not only show you how, but leave you feeling inspired and motivated to put it all into action.

During this Course you will gain understanding and skills in the following:

  • The different roles of Leadership and Management and why each is critical
  • How to plan, strategically manage, organise and control a Property Management Department
  • The 4 Quadrant Model of Property Management and its implications for HR Management
  • Strategies for measuring and managing performance right across the team
  • The 8 key drivers for high performance and their application to a Property Management business.

This intense workshop is one experience you will not want to miss if you are serious about taking your team into the ‘high performance’ stakes.

How high is your emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to tap into your emotions and use them to make your life better.

Being in touch with your feelings allows you to manage stress levels and communicate effectively with other people – both essential skills in Property Management.  Unlike IQ, EQ can be developed and enhanced over time.

In this session Real Estate Dynamics will take you on a journey to help you discover

  • How to tap into your own emotions
  • The connections between your emotions and your behaviours
  • How to connect better with others, and
  • The practical application of improved EQ in Property Management

EQ is the latest idea to hit Property Management – get on board and find out for yourself how to walk away from your desk every day feeling less stressed, tired, anxious and burned out.

Are you well equipped to deal with our ever changing industry?

Navigating Change

Change it is a part of the property industry DNA.

Property Managers support Landlords and Tenants through changes in life particularly related to housing, changing where people live is accompanied by other major life changes which may include change in employment, change in family relationships and change in financial circumstances.

How well our business keeps pace within a competitive environment is linked to managing the impact of change on teams and customers and the ability to embed the changes so that benefits of change are achieved. The results and outcomes of business change are tied to team members doing their jobs differently.

Changing technology, changes in legislation and changes needed to accommodate the ever increasing demands from customers and clients for service provision and risk management demand that Property Managers recognise the impact of change and take a structured approach to supporting change. A perfectly designed technology or a new customer focused process that no one uses creates no additional value. This workshop shows you how to support individuals and your team and to embrace and adopt new opportunities toward creating successful change.

What you will learn:

  1. Identify the challenges for individuals and organisations navigating change
  2. Compare contemporary change management models
  3. Explore the manager’s role in supporting individuals through organisational change
  4. Use change management tools to plan an organisational change
  5. Evaluate where to apply the RED tools for change

Property Managers lead busy, chaotic lives.

Change your Relationship with Stress

The human content of the industry, dealing with different people and situations every day is stressful and this, combined with the sometimes long working hours can leave Property Managers feeling exhausted.

It can feel as though there is never enough time to get everything completed as you would like. Property Management doesn’t have to ‘frazzle ‘ you or consume your life. Every Property Manager deserves a life of professional, personal and emotional fulfillment.

In this workshop, you will explore the impacts of stress and lifestyle on Property Managers and explore tools and design action plans to support you to work toward a more proactive approach with work life balance and personal long-term health and productivity outcomes.

What you will learn:

  1. Complete your personal work/life balance wheel and identify your well-being indicators
  2. Discuss the impact stressors on long term health and well-being and build awareness of possible positive changes
  3. Compare ways to adjust your responses to pressure and stress to improve personal well-being outcomes
  4. Write a personal plan for behaviour change to impact your personal and property management productivity and performance
  5. Design strategies to stay on track with your personal plan

Would you like more control in your day?

Conquering Communication in Property Management

Using Effective and Efficient Communication to Build Trust and Reduce Disputes

Would you like more thank you’s and less problems and disputes to deal with?

During this interactive and high powered session, Nathan Brett CEO at Real Estate Dynamics, will show you how.

You will leave this session armed with tools to:

  • Build amazing trust and rapport with your Clients and Customers
  • Identify and remove common barriers to communication
  • Look at the process of property management and build in essential ‘touch points’ to your daily activities
  • Push more information out to put you in control and reduce your incoming calls and emails dramatically
  • Develop effective dialogue to use in all situations

Nathan is celebrating 26 years in the Property Management industry and has developed thousands of Leaders and Property Management people – making them property management winners.  Nathan will be delighted to share all the tips and tricks with you for Effective and Efficient Communication in Property Management.

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