Opinion of Market Worth

Opinion of Market Worth

An Opinion of Market Worth is a highly detailed, documented assessment and likely selling price conducted by one of our experienced,

Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency Brokers. 

It will provide you with an informed, current opinion of the market worth of your business, in confidence.  

The data used to complete an Opinion of Market Worth is used by both Financiers and Registered Valuers across Australia. 

Why Order an Opinion of Market Worth? 

  • An independent third party expert documented assessment and appraisal of the current market worth of your business asset 
  • Want to know what your asset is currently worth without having to pay the high fees for a Registered Valuation 
  • Thinking of selling all, or part of your Rent Roll and or Sales business 
  • Thinking of growing via acquisition or merger 
  • Wanting to refinance 
  • Succession planning and Exit Strategies  
  • Annual update of the Opinion of Market Worth for tracking your asset worth and business planning per year 

    Choose your option for an Opinion of Market Worth 


    Rent Roll Only

    $2,400 + GST


    Rent Roll + Sales

    $2,600 + GST


    • Real Estate Dynamics can arrange the confidential collection of Rent Roll data remotely 
    • Real Estate Dynamics will collate documents all relevant data collected for your selected service 
    • A Real Estate Dynamics Specialist Broker will assess your collected and collated data against our Real Estate Dynamics Data Warehouse 
    • Real Estate Dynamics will carefully explain and send you a copy of the finalised report. 

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