Real Estate industry policy manual for managing work, health and safety in the Agency workplace and Human Resource management.

Has your Agency’s Policy Manual been updated to address the latest Work Health and Safety Legislation? If not, you’re at risk of serious penalties for a breach of the laws.

Create or update your Policy Manual using AGENCY BOSS as one of the resources to help you with the new Legislation and compliance obligations.

Do you have structured processes and procedures for Recruitment, Performance Management; Skill Audits; Inductions, KPI’s and Succession Planning?


Agency BOSS is your complete people management system covering Workplace Health & Safety and Human Resource management. It’s an invaluable resource.


Real Estate Industry Policy Manual

HR Module




Workplace Health & Safety Compliance

  • Examples of Policies included
  • — Work, Health and Safety
    — Litigation and Professional Indemnity
    — Technology
    — Behaviour Standards
    — General Agency Policies
    — Finance, Risk Management
    — Emergency Situations
    — Media Liaison
    — Anti-Discrimination
    — Workplace Bullying
    — Complaints
    — Working from Home


  • Based on the latest Work Health and Safety Legislation requirements covering most States
  • Includes Employee consultation process and records
  • Ideal tool for staff inductions and regular workplace training
  • Bonus library of over 35 sample forms and checklists to use – saving you time
  • Best business practices are provided to easily personalise and implement
  • Focused on the risk management of Workers, Others, Business Owners and the Agency
  • Extensive Policies and Procedures based on Real Estate Agency practices.
  • Simply tailor to your specific workplace and State / Territory Laws.
  • Customisable to apply your logos, branding and details specific to your Agency

Human Resource Processes and Procedures for PM & Sales

  • Recruitment Strategies
  • — Interview questions
    — Sample Job Ads
    — Selection Criteria
    — Job Descriptions
    — Skills Audits
  • Interviews
  • — Sample Interview Questions
    — Interview Evaluation
    — Reference Checks
  • New Employee
  • — Letter of Offer
    — Induction
  • Ending Employment
  • — References
    — Exit Interviews
  • Existing Employee
  • — Performance Management
    — KPI’s
    — Holiday planning

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