A comprehensive service that examines and evaluates your complete Property Management Appointments for compliance and best practice.


Did you know that 95% of the Management Appointments that we have checked for Principals did not meet Best Practice Standards and were Not Compliant?

Imagine how much it would cost your Agency in fines, Reputation, lost commissions and Rent Roll value if Fair Trading or the Tribunal found that your Appointments are not valid.


Our PM Document Compliance service is your safeguard against practices that might make your PM Appointments invalid.

It’s quick, easy and very cost effective.

What you get?

A detailed written report showing you any items that are not correctly completed on your PM Appointment form and a sample, completed template that you can refer to. Best Practice recommendations are also provided.

Facts Every Principal Should Know

Based on Real Estate Dynamics Consultancy research:

  1. FACT: 95% of Management Authorities checked by Real Estate Dynamics were not compliant and did not meet Best Practice standards
  2. FACT: 100% of the Principals of the Agencies checked for compliance did NOT know their documents were not compliant
  3. FACT: Non-Compliant Management Authorities are a RISK to the value of your Rent Roll
  4. FACT: The Average value per management in a Rent Roll is $4,500*

*Multiply this by the number of properties in your Rent Roll and ask yourself, “Can I afford to lose this amount off the value of my Rent Roll?”


Protect your Rent Roll Value and your Commissions in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the Service Agreement to order a PM Document Compliance check
  2. Provide Agency and Payment details
  3. Send us your randomly selected completed Document/s for checking*


What will it cost?

$150 (Inclusive of GST) per Document
Act now to maximise the value and minimise the risk to your Rent Roll and Income

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