Real Estate Dynamics Mystery Shopping Service provide you with all these answers to ensure that you don’t lose opportunities for increased revenue at the crucial stage of a first enquiry in both your Property Management and Sales Departments.

How well are your staff representing your Agency?

What service do potential clients receive?

How do your service standards compare to industry benchmarks?

It’s easy!

Select which Department you want Mystery Shopped and we will provide you with a full written report that identifies the following:

Property Management:

  • The professionalism of the first contact
  • How well your staff sell and communicate your Property Management services
  • Whether your staff demonstrate knowledge and adherence to basic compliance
  • How well they negotiate and communicate your fees and charges
  • How well they handle objection
  • Whether they follow up on enquiry in a timely and professional manner


  • The professionalism of the first contact
  • How well your staff demonstrate knowledge of the area and market
  • How they negotiate vendor paid advertising
  • Their ability to express and negotiate commissions
  • How well sales personnel can overcome objections
  • Knowledge and communication on documentation and applicable legislation



Why Mystery Shop?

• It’s one of the best ways of really finding out what happens in your own business
• It is an objective way of measuring your service – against competitors and industry benchmarks
• It’s a great tool for performance management or staff reward
• It helps you identify any service gaps that will help improve your enquiry conversion rates

What do you get?

• An in-depth and comprehensive report highlighting the service standards listed above together with a Consultant’s written summary
• Identification and recommendations of any issues that you may need to address to improve or safeguard your income

What will it cost?

ONLY $275 (Inclusive of GST) per Mystery Shop


Ready to find out what really happens in your own business?

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