An Opinion of Market Worth may include, but not be limited to:

  • Collation on your Rent Roll’s current situation and Real Estate Dynamics’ opinion of market worth
  • Data breakdown including gathering information on your portfolio, for example:
    • additional fees and charges
    • arrears status
    • vacancy status
    • How these ‘stack up’ against the current industry standards
    • In some circumstances we supply legislation for advice on areas you may be lacking records
  • A compliance check of your current Agency Authority Agreements
  • A comprehensive Rent Roll Valuation Schedule of all the Managements in the Rent Roll
  • A Rent Roll Valuation Summary
  • Employees – Job Descriptions, Remuneration and Entitlements and advice regarding Staffing Numbers
  • Notes on how to improve the value of your current Rent Roll

Cost: $1,900.00 plus GST, which includes the supply of Opinion of Current Market Worth for your Rent Roll.

If required, an extra fee for RED Administrative staff for data collection and entry of $85.00 per hour including GST.


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