Finding & Keeping Great Property Managers

Build an attractive Agency.

You know it’s tough when you’re looking for another new Property Manager, but are your systems attracting a culture of longevity for staff in your Agency? 

In our Real Estate Dynamics eBook, “Finding & Retaining Great Property Managers” you’ll learn what Property Managers and Principals expect of each other and how to attract career-minded staff. 

Download it now to discover strategies for recruitment and retention, including:

  • Current trends in recruitment
  • What you need to be seen as an attractive Agency
  • How many properties should a Property Manager handle at once
  • Top 5 reasons a Property Manager will decide to leave an Agency
  • Top 5 Principal ‘wants’
  • Top 5 Property Manager ‘wants’

Are you ready to stop the revolving door of Property Managers?


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