Keith Windle

Account Executive


M: 0432 432 800
T: 1300 734 596

Keith joined Real Estate Dynamics with 23 years of experience in Real Estate. His experience encompassed virtually every aspect of Real Estate. From erecting signs to Property Management, Lettings to BDM, Prospecting to Listings and Sales – he has done it all. Firstly hired as a ‘sales creator’, Keith had to prospect hard and constantly. This was in a really tough system, in which not many people succeed. Huge lists of names and phone numbers and hundreds and hundreds of calls each week.

Keith was a fine salesperson, but with a young family, working late nights plus Saturday’s and Sunday’s became difficult. Not wanting to lose the talent, Keith was offered a BDM position in Property Management. During his time in Property Management, Keith produced quality results with high commission rates. He was also instrumental in reducing the attrition rate significantly.

He was involved in many aspects of the Property Management division. Some notable inclusions were leasing (where his record of results in one day stood long after he left), and Routine Inspections. The Routine Inspections department was a full-time position before his involvement. Very quickly he was able to convert this to 3 “half days” whilst improving the reporting system simultaneously.

Amongst other roles which He has had, Keith and his wife have also built a successful entertainment business, in which they ‘work’ on the weekends. Owning his own business has given him great insight into the daily challenges faced by other business owners.

Keith has had more than two decades of sales training with some of the best (and well known) trainers in Real Estate, Sales, Property Management and Personal Development.

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