Liz Stanfield

Operations Manager

Liz Stanfield was specifically recruited to join Real Estate Dynamics (RED) as a Business Coach for our rapidly increasing volume of clients. Before joining the RED team, Liz enjoyed an incredibly successful and long career in helping her teams and Clients, find their “Why”. She has assisted teams across many industries, including international aid and development, retail sales and the health industry, to reach goals that they previously thought unattainable. Working across multiple industries has enabled Liz to identify the key elements to drive success in businesses and how to apply those into day to day tasks for herself as a business leader, and her teams.

With deep experience and acumen in Culture, Change Management, Team Training, Leadership Training and management and maintenance of Stakeholder relationships, Liz brings to her role at RED an array of incredible skills and insight that support and guides our clients to flourish in their business.

With a Certificate IV in Business, Human Resources, Liz clearly understands the needs in business to be successful, the challenges and pain points faced by business owners and how the value of empowering and developing individual’s skills and beliefs can ignite and manage the changes necessary.

Liz’s driver is to see her clients succeed through coaching. With a belief in the big picture and working together to implement the steps required, Liz consults and coaches our clients and is there each step of the way, ready to support and celebrate the wins. With a keen eye for marketing, Liz brings a fresh perspective and ideas to our team here at RED and we know our clients will relish the opportunity to work with her.


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