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The Future of Property Management

Are You Robot Ready?

The Future of Property Management - Are you Robot Ready?

Remaining Relevant In A Rapidly Changing Landscape

The landscape of Property Management is changing at lightning speed. The expectations of our Landlords and Tenants are increasing daily. But, is Property Management surging forward or remaining still?Landlords and Tenants want ‘better’, ‘faster’ and in most cases, ‘cheaper’. This makes nearly all of the ‘rules and tools’ we were taught over the years irrelevant, if not completely redundant.

Real Estate Dynamics has worked in a coaching capacity with more than 426 Business Owners and Team Members, with more than 18,800 properties under management across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

The data collected and analysed highlights common trends. These trends show us how to develop your Rent Roll into a high-performance business and what you will need to do to ‘future proof’ your world of Property Management.

Join Nathan Brett and Brad Miller from Real Estate Dynamics for this powerful session.


This session will be highly valuable for leaders in a Property Management business

What you’ll Discover

  • What you need to do in your business for the introduction of Property Management Artificial Intelligence
  • The top 8 drivers shared by high performance Property Management businesses
  • Data collected from more than 1,460 coaching hours in the last 5 years and what that data tells us about the Property Management Industry
  • Surprising results from the last 89 ‘Mystery Shopping Experiences’ RED has been engaged to perform as a ‘prospective Landlord’ and
  • What you need to change in your Property Management business to abolish legacy, remove complacency and eliminate inefficiency


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