Air Conditioners

Share this helpful and informative video about air conditioners with not only your PM team, but also with your Landlords


Consider offering your Landlords a ‘special offer’ regarding having their air conditioning system serviced in the cooler months. This way, you are being pro-active in offering maintenance for an item often overlooked (unless it breaks down completely). This can also help avoid unnecessary break downs – especially in peak season; which will likely be more expensive for your Landlord, as well as having a longer turnaround time for the work to be completed – and unhappy Tenants in the meantime.

Approach a reputable local air conditioning company to obtain a special bulk price for your Landlords, especially when you can use the buying power of e-mailing all your Landlords offering their services. Business for Air Conditioning Companies during the cooler months will be quieter, and they may well jump at the chance to negotiate a lower standard servicing price to gain the extra work.


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