What is Coaching?

90% of people are stuck somewhere between GOOD to GREAT.

Coaching will unleash your professional potential and support your journey from good to great.

Coaching is partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.  

A qualified coach will bring to the relationship coaching principles and models, effective communication, powerful questioning, active listening and tools to support your growth, performance and development. Your coach will also bring along their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to your success.

“I really want to give more honest feedback to people but I don’t want to be the bad guy or hurt people’s feelings”

In its simplest form, coaching is about helping you achieve your personal or professional goals. If you’re like most people, you probably envision an athletic coach when you hear the word “coach”, but they are two very different relationships. A sports coach assists athletes to develop to their full athletic potential by analysing their performance and providing instruction for relevant skills.

A professional coach, on the other hand, will help you find clarity from within, overcome challenges with your own solutions, and ultimately accomplish your goals on your own terms. Coaching, at its very best, is about helping people make profound and lasting shifts in their lives by pushing them to dig deeper so they can unlock their true potential.

“I have transitioned into a new leadership role and I want to keep up or even stay ahead of the learning curve.”

Coaching methods focus on helping individuals, couples, groups, or organizations to clarify their goals, create action plans, and hold accountability to the plan. Coaching will enhance your life, relationships and profession through accountability, responsibility and encouragement.

Coaching resolves those inner roadblocks and prevents you from the likelihood of falling back into the same patterns of behaviour, repeating old habits, bad routines and wrong actions repeatedly.

Our coaches have extensive experience and skills in leadership, business development, sales, property management and HR to support your way forward.

Our skilled coaches will raise deeper questions that you may not otherwise ask yourself. They will challenge you to think bigger and to question the “story” you’ve told yourself. They’re able to present this kind of challenge constructively, with finesse, in a way that is receptive to you.

Our coaches will help you become more aware of your driving motivations and self-limiting factors. Once aware, the coach can guide you into making permanent and profound shifts in the way you approach your problems, your goals, your world and those around you. The transformative coaching method forges lasting, sustainable change within your life and empower you to create the results you are after.

Coaching is not mentoring, counselling or consulting.

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