How does your Rent Roll BDM stack up?

Australia’s top Rent Roll Business Development Managers consistently add 20+ new managements per month. How are yours performing?

Anybody who has ever owned a Rent Roll knows that without active effort, natural attrition erodes the amount of properties over time. In fact, the average Rent Roll experiences 17% erosion every year. Somebody needs to be responsible for recovering this natural attrition, adding properties above and beyond it.

Without this function, it’s next to impossible for your business to grow. That’s where high quality Rent Roll BDMs come in.

Great BDMs are invaluable to the success of any Rent Roll, and need a particular set of skills to thrive:

Finding someone with these broader skills can be difficult, but even with them, there’s no guarantee they’re going to perform in the specific world of Rent Rolls. For Rent Roll Owners, even understanding what actually constitutes high performance can be a challenge.

At Real Estate Dynamics, we’ve worked with BDMs all over the country, from brand new hires to the most seasoned, highest-earning veterans in the industry. This allows us to provide Rent Roll Owners with the information they need to understand and measure the performance of their BDMs, and the tools and training to maximise it.

So what do the numbers say, and how does your BDM stack up?

A Rent Roll BDMs journey from Novice to Expert

Where does your BDM sit on this journey?

Now that you understand the performance potential of a Rent Roll BDM, it’s important to determine not just where your BDM roles fit on this scale, but why. While low performance is sometimes the result of poor recruitment and the wrong fit, Rent Roll BDMs are often only as good as the training they receive.

Newly onboarded BDMs are expected to be beginners, but with the right tools, techniques, and approach, most properly motivated BDMs can grow into great ones quickly.

If you want to get more out of the Rent Roll BDMs in your business, set them up for success with the best industry-specific BDM training available in Australia.

Our 8-week BDM Performance Program gives BDMs the specific, actionable guidance they need to operate like the highest performers. At the completion of this course, graduates: