What is
your Rent Roll worth?

The results might surprise you

Ever wondered what your Rent Roll is worth?

Our quick and easy Rent Roll appraisal questionnaire will allow our Brokerage Experts to provide a free valuation of your Rent Roll based on current market trends and similar sales performance in your area. 

Don’t sell your Rent Roll for less than it’s worth. Real Estate Dynamics is Australia’s most trusted Brokerage Expert with a proven history of finding the right Buyers and getting the best price.

Opinion of Market Worth

The data used to complete an Opinion of Market Worth is used by both Financiers and Registered Valuers across Australia.

Real Estate Dynamics can arrange for the confidential remote collection of your Rent Roll data, which our Specialist Broker will collate and assess against our Real Estate Dynamics Data Warehouse. Your final report will be carefully explained and sent to you for your records.

The Opinion of Market Worth is a powerful tool if you are:

Get an independent third-party assessment and appraisal of the current market worth of your Rent Roll without having to pay the high fees for a Registered Valuation.