Opinion of Market Worth

$2,640.00$2,860.00 Inc. GST

An Opinion of Market Worth is a highly detailed, documented assessment and appraisal by one of our experienced, specialist Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency Brokers to provide Business Owners with an informed, current opinion of the market worth of their business, in confidence. The assessment includes access to our extensive national RED recent brokerage sales data that is sourced and used by both Financiers and Registered Valuers across Australia.

Why order a RED Opinion of Market Worth?

Our Opinion of Market Worth is most commonly requested by Business Owners for the following purposes:

  • An independent 3rd party expert documented assessment and appraisal of the current market worth of their business asset
  • Want to know what their asset is currently worth without having to pay the high fees for a Registered Valuation
  • May be thinking of selling all, or part of, their Rent Roll and or Sales business
  • May be thinking of growing via acquisition or merger
  • Want to refinance
  • Succession planning
  • Annual update of the Opinion of Market Worth for tracking their asset worth and business planning per year

Choose your option for an Opinion of Market Worth:

  • Rent Roll only: $2,640 inc. GST
  • Rent Roll + Sales: $2,860 inc. GST


  • RED arranges the external collection of Rent Roll data remotely and all other required data from the Client by a RED approved Contractor, allowing for confidentiality and speed for the Business Owner
  • RED collates and documents all relevant data collected for your selected service
  • RED specialist Broker assesses the Client’s collected and collated data and information with access to our exclusive and extensive recent Brokerage sales data (Registered Valuers also refer to RED for our data)
  • RED produces and delivers to the Client an Opinion of Market Worth Report based on the information collected
  • RED specialist Broker discusses the Opinion of Market Worth Report with the Client
  • Rent Roll data breakdown in the report may include, but is not limited to:
    • Adjacency income
    • Other fees and charges
    • Arrears status
    • Vacancy status
    • A detailed Rent Roll data schedule summary