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Partner with our Brokers for the best selling advice and getting the highest return on your Rent Roll.

Tempted to sell privately?

So were many other Agency Owners until they spoke with us.

After decades of Rent Roll experience, we know that you take a BIG gamble when tempted by a private sale.

  1. The right buyer: Only a professional Rent Roll Broker can find the right qualified Buyers and generate healthy price competition.
  2. Confidentiality: Only a professional Rent Roll Broker can guarantee confidentiality and ensure your business is kept in the ‘vault’ until it’s time to get it sold quickly.
  3. Commercial mindset: Only a professional Rent Roll Broker can maintain complete focus on the numbers and data to ensure the best outcome.
  4. Proven history of success: Only a professional Rent Roll Broker can guarantee exceptional preparation and retention of goodwill to ensure a smooth sale.

Why sell with Real Estate Dynamics?

For over two decades, Real Estate Dynamics has been Australia’s leading expert in Rent Roll & Agency Brokerage. We deliver a seamless transaction through frameworks, processes and proven collateral that not only protects but also increases the value of your Rent Roll for sale.

  • Tried and tested Contract of Sale prepared by our commercial lawyers
  • A recommended list of specialist Rent Roll lawyers
  • A specialist team that can prove the worth of your asset
  • A list of past sellers you can speak with
  • Consultancy, training and resources to prepare your Rent Roll for sale

My main concern when deciding on a Broker was that I had a private sale option on the table so there would be no commission. However, the end result with Brad was that I am in a financially better position than I ever thought was possible.

Adam Wishart

4074 property

Selling with Real Estate Dynamics

Remove the risk.

What is your Rent Roll worth today?

It’s confidential and the results might surprise you.

Free Market Appraisal

A Rent Roll Market Appraisal takes you behind the curtain. Find out the performance of similar Rent Rolls that have sold in your area, as well as how much you could expect to achieve for yours. 

Our extensive data warehouse holds valuable Rent Roll data from our twenty years of Rent Roll sales and growth consultancy.


  • Market trends and how they affect your valuation
  • The current buyer appetite in your area
  • How your Rent Roll is performing
  • How much your Rent Roll is worth

And … it’s strictly confidential. 

Opinion of Market Worth

An Opinion of Market Worth is a highly detailed assessment and likely selling price conducted by one of our experienced Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency Brokers. 

It will provide you with an informed, carefully explained market worth analysis of your business, in confidence, along with a copy of the finalised report.

Getting ready to sell at the best price

What’s involved in preparing your Rent Roll to get the best result possible from a sale? Early planning and preparation are key and Australia’s largest Rent Roll Sales Team is here to help you.

Strategic consulting

From risk assessment to sale advice, asset preparedness and negotiations, Real Estate Dynamics will make sure your Rent Roll is set to attract the highest possible bidder.

  • Leverage our proven selling system from pre-sale through to the end of retention
  • Find the right buyer, not just the first buyer

The attention to detail throughout the whole process was just phenomenal. We have operated for 20 years with a wide Rent Roll spread and a portion to be sold to a very unique market. Brad took an enormous amount of effort to ensure I had a full understanding while being clear and strategic.

Stavros Loizides

Fox First Real Estate

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

Have your questions answered by one of Australia’s leading Rent Roll brokerage experts

Every portfolio is different, just like every home you sell or manage, which influences the cost to sell. To provide you with a quote, we need to know more about you and your Rent Roll. Once we have this information, we’ll know how to get the best price and the right Buyer for you. We will then provide you with a confidential free appraisal and quote for your Rent Roll sale. We are only paid upon a successful settlement.

Real Estate Dynamics has mastered the art of ‘The Secret Sale’. Our strict confidentiality agreements and systems, along with our refusal to disclose a Seller’s identity until they are comfortable with a Formal Offer to Purchase, will put your mind at ease. If there is anyone that you don’t want to sell to, simply let us know and we’ll keep them off our call list.

Chances are, we’ve already been in touch with your Buyer. Real Estate Dynamics’ history dates back to 2004 and our Brokers, Consultants and Trainers have been gently nurturing our database of Rent Roll Business Owners for more than two decades. These days, we have full-time database managers to ensure you have the best list of potential Buyers.

Some Buyers will want to hire some or all of your team. Others won’t. Our Brokers are very skilled when it comes to this sensitive topic with great systems to guide you through this process once the contract of sale is unconditional. What you say and how you say it can make a big difference to the settlement and retention period. Our team doesn’t underestimate the skill required to do this well because you only have one chance.

The answer to this question depends on how you communicate with your clients. To support you with this element, our famous Sellers eGuides are loaded with scripts, templates, emails and landing pages for all sales. These guides have been tried and tested, and they work. In addition, our team is right there to help you so that your clients feel that you’ve done them a favour, and are excited about the change.

To be frank, if it were easy, Real Estate Dynamics wouldn’t have been in business for over 20 years. There are 46 essential steps before even putting a Rent Roll on the market. In addition, there are more than 140 steps once we start speaking with Buyers. We’d be delighted to talk you through our proven systems and give you a list of names and numbers of our past Sellers. Hopefully, we are right for each other and you can put us to work.

No, there isn’t. We have mastered the art of ‘selling a secret’, which means there’s no ‘’, ‘’, or News Limited publication in use for selling Rent Rolls. Therefore, we must find Buyers the old-fashioned way. However, for us to do our job well, we need a Business Information Pack. This is a custom document that describes the key commercial data of your business (without disclosing who you are). There is a small upfront preparation cost for this, which also includes a draft contract, Buyer and Seller eGuides, and a seamless negotiation and transaction process for your Rent Roll.