Organic Growth

Recruit, onboard and train a high-performance team to deliver strong organic Rent Roll growth.

Rent Roll growth isn’t just about acquisition. Strong financial growth is also driven organically by your Business Development Managers. 

Real Estate Dynamics provides training, coaching and resources to help you build a culture of growth. Losses are unavoidable and the bigger you get the more you will have. We can help you find, train and keep the best BDMs so that you can maintain a strong organic growth culture.

How Do I Drive Organic Growth?

There was no hesitation around joining the Coaching and Training program as it compliments what Real Estate Dynamics does well and came at the right time for us! It’s great to have someone who I’m accountable to. I know I can call whenever I need to and from a strategic point of view, it allows me to think differently and look at the strategic approach. This is extremely helpful when I report back to the Directors. I cannot fault the support, it is outstanding.

Lindell Gittoes​

Purpose Real Estate, QLD​

BDM Behavioural Profiling

Whenever you are recruiting for a BDM, or any position for that matter, you ideally want to select and find someone who naturally fits in the role, and there are people that do.  ​This is where our BDM Behavioural Profiling comes in. As accredited practitioners of the EDISC system, we can help you successfully hire your next top-performing BDM. Whether you are hiring a new BDM, or looking to assess current staff members, we have a package for you.

BDM Performance Program

Our BDM Performance Program offers an extensive learning journey filled with essential knowledge and strategies for anyone looking to become an amazing Business Development Manager. Combining online group sessions with additional eLearning activities, this 8-week course covers every aspect necessary for success in today’s competitive market. Proven countless times over the years, many past graduates consistently sign a minimum of 20 new managements each month.

BDM Performance

Enable your BDMs to reach their full personal and professional potential. The BDM Group Coaching Sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to have regular contact with other like-minded BDMs that encourages proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving and time management, while sharpening presentation, facilitation and communication skills.

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