Rent Rolls form 95% of the asset value of a Real Estate business, so naturally when:

  1. Either you are looking to retire, exit the market, sell to one of your staff or just sell your rent roll now or later. 
  1. Whatever the situation you get only one shot at selling your largest asset. Whichever option you choose, it is certainly not worth the time or money getting it wrong. With so much money at stake and the time it has taken you to build this Rent Roll, it is critical knowing how to maximise the value of your Rent Roll.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

Introducing our Rent Roll Market Appraisal – knowing how much your Rent Roll is worth


A Rent Roll Market Appraisal will tell you what the current market trends are, and the performance of similar Rent Rolls that have sold in your area, as well as how much you could expect to achieve for your Rent Roll.

… No more guessing what your Rent Roll will sell for…

… No more drama in finding out important information when it is too late to fix things…

… No more getting less than what it is worth…

Simply provide us with your details below, click the submit button, and a broker will assess what your Rent Roll is currently worth without having to pay the high fees for a Registered Valuation…

Our Rent Roll Market Appraisal Crushes the Competition

Although our Rent Roll Market Appraisal is not the only Rent Roll Market Appraisal you can obtain in the market, it is the best.


Because we know how much your Rent Roll is worth.  You will be offered a detailed Rent Roll Market Appraisal report, including a current market assessment, the price guide your Rent Roll could sell for in the current market, and any other observations related to maximising your Rent Rolls asset value.

Our competitors’ Rent Roll Appraisals do not offer such up to date sales data as Real Estate Dynamics. In fact, our extensive national Rent Roll sales data is sourced and used by both Financiers and Registered Valuers across Australia.

However, if you want to get your Rent Roll in the best possible shape, you need to do more than just printing out your Rent Roll schedule, walking up the road and offering your Rent Roll to your competitors–you need Rent Roll Market Appraisal.

Knowing your Rent Roll Value and potential buyer appeal at no charge

A free Rent Roll Market Appraisal will give you an in-depth review to determine the value of your Rent Roll so you have a better understanding of what your Rent Roll would sell for and its market appeal. We will identify areas for improvement, as a few small changes could make the world of difference when it comes time to selling your Rent Roll.

All for less than the cost of a Registered Valuation.

I know what you are probably thinking right now.

Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know that you will get a better price than I would selling my Rent Roll myself?

A FREE Rent Roll Market Appraisal is totally obligation-free and can be redone as frequently as you like

To understand what makes Rent Roll Appraisal such a critical analysis, let me tell you it is done by one of our experienced, specialist Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency Brokers.

Real Estate Dynamics has sadly seen some terrible outcomes from Rent Roll sales. We have seen sellers who have set out to sell their Rent Roll for the best price, but were unaware of some possibilities about their Rent Rolls that would prevent bad outcomes occurring. Perhaps they had been given bad advice that has cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have a Rent Roll, you need this essential information from a Rent Roll Market Appraisal

Our Rent Roll Market Appraisal is super easy to obtain.

… even if you have never investigated the value of your Rent Roll before…

… even if you are not looking to sell your Rent Roll now…

… even if you want to grow your Rent Roll…

You can massively improve your Rent Roll asset value:

  1. Just fill out the form with a few simple details, including your email.
  2. Your local Rent Roll Broker will contact you to organise a meeting. Do not worry! This process is completely confidential.
  3. You will receive you Rent Roll Market Appraisal report via email. That is it!

NO OBLIGATIONS and you are free to contact the Broker with any additional questions you may have. It’s that easy and totally FREE!

The FASTEST WAY to understand the value

Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time.

While it can work that way, it does not have to – not when your appraisal will include the secrets to achieving the best price for your Rent Roll.

Think about it.

Having an appraisal is a proven way.  You could add 100’s of thousands of dollars in asset value to your Rent Roll.

Not in 12 months. Not in two years. Not in 5 years.

In just a 15 min session!  This is our Rent Roll Market Appraisal!

Imagine What It Would Be Like To…

  • spend just 30mins with one of our experienced, specialist Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency Brokers…
  • visit our testimonial page and see a huge amount of Rent Roll owners we have helped…
  • experience jaw-dropping information about your Rent roll without spending any money or tons of time or effort…
  • retire with enough money to go on that holiday you have always wanted to go on or realising things like paying off your mortgage, not having to work full time…
  • see your Rent Roll sale price provide you with a lifestyle you have dreamt about that is beyond your wildest dreams…
  • You can have all these things with Rent Roll Market Appraisal…

How Do I Know Rent Roll Market Appraisal Works?

We are not just Rent Roll Brokers; we have been building high-performance profitable Rent Rolls for over 15 years. Some of those Rent Rolls have produced more than 40% profit for their owners, and they have later sold for millions of dollars. We have also seen:

  • Rent Rolls selling prior to hitting the market
  • Rent Rolls selling after our competitors could not achieve a result
  • Rent Roll owners making small changes to their Rent Rolls that have increased the value by 35%
  • Rent Roll owners getting out of financial difficulties

That is why we love our Rent Roll Market Appraisal.

Why are you going to love Rent Roll Market Appraisal?

It will:

  • Maximise the asset value in the shortest time and obtain the highest price
  • Put an end to worrying about what it is worth
  • Know exactly what you need to do to get the highest sale price
  • Make the sale of your Rent Roll easy by avoiding the pitfalls and reducing your risks
  • Help you attract the highest paying buyers

But do not just take our word for it. Read what our sellers have to say:

“The processes for the sale as outlined initially were exactly what we were looking for”. When it came time to choose a broker, I honestly had no concerns or hesitation with Real Estate Dynamics because they had been referred by others and the processes for the sale as outlined initially were exactly what we were looking for. I found them to be a very professional operation and when the process is followed, it was simple to achieve the end goal we were after.

I liked that there was strong communication and a process that was easy to follow, thorough, and the team was trusting. I would absolutely recommend Peter Aquilina and Real Estate Dynamics! A very professional organisation using well drilled processes that work for all parties.

–DENIS PEUCKER Townshend Homes Group

“The process was easy”. At the time I was deciding on selling and listing with a Broker, my main concern was the confidentiality of the sale and the information disclosed on the business. After choosing Real Estate Dynamics and working with Real Estate Dynamics, they put my mind at ease with any confidentiality concerns I first had. The process was easy and the benefits I had from it were that I didn’t have to be involved.  They did the work for me, offered me choices and kept in touch and updated me with follow up information and communication.

The Brokerage team worked extremely hard to find both buyers and I would highly recommend using Real Estate Dynamics for the sale of a business and or Rent Roll.

–REBECCA O’BRIEN First National Real Estate O’Brien

“Leaving no stone unturned with their support”. Whilst selecting Real Estate Dynamics to act as my Broker, I was concerned as to whether their service was as good as they claimed it to be. After concluding my business with them, I can honestly say that not only was their service fantastic, but also the processes they put in place throughout the transaction were equally satisfactory. What was most impressive were the systems they supplied for every step of the sale, leaving no stone unturned with their support.

In the end, RED was able to complete my sale quickly due to their incredible industry knowledge and market share, as well as the professionalism shown by the whole team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with RED and I would recommend anyone looking to sell their Rent Roll or Agency to get in contact with them today. 10/10.

–BRUCE GODDARD Place Projects

With Rent Roll Market Appraisal, You’ll Receive:

  • The same information about Rent Roll values used by Registered valuers which cost several thousands of dollars
  • An understanding of why a Rent Roll Market Appraisal is a must for anyone who owns a Rent Roll
  • Knowledge of the multiplier that will be applied to your Rent Roll
  • An understanding of what you need to do to your Rent Roll in order to get it ready for sale and achieve the highest price
  • Tons of tips to improve the value of your Rent Roll
  • An understanding of why some Rent Rolls are highly sort after
  • Knowledge of what the perfect geographical spread is of a Rent Roll
  • Information from the broker to help you to know what you can do to your Rent Roll to improve its asset value
  • Knowledge of what should be in each property file in order to ensure it is saleable
  • An understanding of the yearly income that comes from every property each year

Rent Roll Market Appraisal


If you had to pay to get your Rent Roll into good shape, it would cost more than $15,000 –

and that is the approximate asset value of just three managements. If you could improve the value of your Rent Roll by 35% that could be at least over $150,000.

We are making our Rent Roll Market Appraisal available for FREE.

You are receiving incredible value:

– A minimum of $15,000 worth of information about your Rent Roll

– The potential to increase the sale price of your Rent Roll by 100’s of thousands of dollars,

worth at least $15,000

But because we want everyone to sell their Rent Roll for the maximum price, we are offering it for FREE!!

Get your FREE appraisal now

Do not Delay!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Because we know you are going to love Rent Roll Market Appraisal, we are offering a risk-free guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the invaluable knowledge about your asset from this free appraisal, we will give you a $100 David Jones Voucher, no questions asked.

Get your FREE appraisal now

We urge you not to ignore this offer.

We know you do not want to continue:

… paying valuers huge sums of money each time you want to know the value of your    Rent Roll

… spending hours on things that will add little to no asset value

… worrying if you will have enough to retire with

… wondering what it takes to successfully transfer managements

… feeling disappointed because your sale went terribly wrong

… not having enough from the sale to pay all your debts

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

It would be if you could not do anything to change it.

Fortunately, you can!

By having a free no-obligation Rent Roll Market Appraisal, you can experience the difference between making a huge mistake and getting the maximum price for your biggest asset.

Try our Rent Roll Market Appraisal and discover the difference for yourself!

The Real Estate Dynamics Brokerage Team,
with 15 years’ experience.

PS  If you want the highest price for your Rent Roll, a free Rent Roll Market Appraisal will do that – easily, expertly and for free. You will receive heaps of tips to improve your Rent Roll’s asset value, understand what you need to do to get sale ready. Get a FREE Rent Roll Market Appraisal TODAY.

Interested in selling? Fill out the form below and one of our specialist Rent Roll & Agency Brokers will be in contact with you.


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