Behavioural Profiling
for Real Estate BDMs

Your guide to selecting BDM’s who achieve superior performance.

Why do you need BDM Behavioural Profiling?

You have a position available for a Property Management BDM, and you need to find someone to fill the role.  You have interviewed two candidates but how do you know if either of them has the natural behaviours to match the job?​

It is difficult to select an employee based on a couple of meetings because anyone can put on a big act for a short time, but that’s unsustainable long term.​

As an example:  How hard is it to sustain a high-performance eating and fitness program for a year? (Let alone a lifetime). It’s hard, it takes a lot of energy and discipline… unless you naturally behave that way, and there are people that do, you are going to find it difficult to keep it up.

So, whenever you are recruiting for a BDM or any position for that matter, you ideally want to select and find someone who naturally fits in the role, and there are people that do.  ​This is where our BDM Behavioural Profiling comes in.

Real Estate Dynamics are accredited practitioners of Extended DISC​ (not to be confused with D.I.S.C.). The EDISC assessment forms the basis of the BDM Behavioural Profiling and help you to understand a recruit’s individual behaviour relevant to the key competencies for a BDM role. ​

Our assessments are practical and MORE IMPORTANTLY, they are ​relevant to Real Estate and ​consider roles with a specific knowledge – in this case; Property Management Business Development.​


The assessment produces a psychometric algorithm-based report that establishes an answering pattern based on the candidate’s selection of answers.​

What is notable is that the validity of the reports is tested across a research population of over 1 million people and in over 76 languages​ AND is tested every 2 years to ensure good reliability.   The reports are found to be 88% valid​.

The Extended DISC® Assessments (EDISC) could be your secret weapon to get the best from your BDM’s and salespeople by improving their performance and ultimately your bottom line.

As accredited practitioners of the EDISC system, we can help you successfully hire your next top-performing BDM or salesperson. The system can identify an individual’s natural selling style and match the ideal candidate to the role you want to be filled. Plus, this gives you even more insight than the surface information you get from candidates at interviews.

We have developed 4 packages to suit the needs of your agency, whether you are hiring new staff or looking to assess current staff members for development opportunities.


This kit is a complete recruiting and hiring manual. It is designed to help you through the entire process, from assessing your model candidate based on the EDISC behavioural profiling system all the way to sending out the offer letter to your new BDM or salesperson.


This is our extensive behavioural profiling service that assesses candidates for job match. After the assessment you get a detailed report outlining strengths and weaknesses, plus a personal development plan for enhanced performance.


On top of the extensive behavioural profiling service and personal development plan this package also gives you access to one of our most popular training modules to help your new BDM achieve consistent results.


You get Packages 1, 2 & 3 in one discounted bundle!  So, if you are after a comprehensive package to ensure your next BDM will be an instant asset to your team and help you grow your business, then this is the one for you.

The difference between D.I.S.C. and Extended DISC

The DISC assessment system was designed to measure how an individual behaves in different environments. It uses a combination of factors to determine the score, including behaviour, personality and environment (both social and physical). As our personalities change very little during our life, the only way to influence different behaviours is to control or alter the environment.

In the workplace this can be tricky as they consist of different personalities. Therefore, it is important that you select the right mix of people to be on your team, to ensure they work effectively together for higher performance.

Why Extended DISC is better

Extended DISC is an advanced level of DISC. It uses a validated psychometric algorithm to determine an individual’s natural and adjusted behavioural tendencies while taking both conscious and unconscious behaviour into consideration.

The assessment gives insight into how an individual may respond to difficulties, various work environments, procedures and other team members. This is laid out in a detailed report that explains the person’s strengths and weaknesses and outlines a development plan to help them enhance their performance.

The Extended DISC® Assessments are part of the daily management system in thousands of organisations all over the world and they provide information that is practical and specific to your agency.

How EDISC can help your Agency grow

Success in property management Rent Roll growth depends on how well your BDM’s keep ahead of Rent Roll attrition.  Having BDM’s that possess key behavioural traits such as determination, relationship skills, the ability to interact with clients and no hesitation to prospecting are important, but how do you find these people?

Top performers are confidently self-aware and able to communicate their message or presentation with little stress or pressure.

They understand their behavioural style and how they need to behave and interact to be successful. They also understand how other people behave and thus have an exceptional ability to relate, communicate and influence, which is crucially important when selling and creating relationships.

EDISC can help you as the hiring manager, quickly identify and match the right mix of skills and competencies.


Strengths of Expert BDMs

Gaining in-depth and tangible information on strengths and development opportunities for a candidate must be based on these 18 critically important sales competencies:

  • Prospecting
  • Active listening
  • Qualifying
  • Critical thinking
  • Building rapport
  • Ambition and initiative
  • Process orientation
  • Presenting
  • Goal orientation
  • Time management
  • Need for approval
  • Dealing with failure
  • Controlling the sales call/process
  • Competitiveness
  • Handling stalls and objections
  • Money concept
  • Questioning effectiveness
  • Emotional detachment

Development Plans for BDM’s

The development plans that are included with the BDM assessment give your management team the skills and strategies to make a positive difference in employee ongoing performance.

Our trained EDISC practitioners can help you identify the competencies that are crucial to your Agency and assess your BDM’s and sales team to pinpoint their strengths and the areas where they need coaching and development.

Tools such as our ‘Excuse Index’ which forms part of the assessment, identify how likely a BDM or salesperson is to procrastinate on their tasks. A manager can use this insight to delve deeper into the issues that are holding them back from success.

From the assessment, a BDM can also learn how to communicate more effectively with clients by understanding their style, improving the chance of success.

Every BDM is at different levels and has various experience, our individualised development plans will ensure that a manager can provide the support required to suit that BDM. 

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