Client Success Story: Response RE

Congratulations to Vanessa and the Response RE team for accomplishing the impressive feat of expanding their portfolio from 400 to 1000 managements!

For some, this may seem like a daunting prospect; however, working with Real Estate Dynamics Consultant Liz Stanfield, Vanessa and the team were able to streamline their systems and prepare for the significant acquisition. “We are three months in, and our systems are watertight and have allowed for a seamless transition for our Landlords, Tenants and staff.”

Having watertight systems translates into many benefits, such as increased productivity, improved customer service, and better communication between staff and clients, reducing errors and preventing delays, ultimately saving time and money.

After achieving this significant milestone, Vanessa feels immense fulfilment and satisfaction. “It gives me a great sense of satisfaction. It’s a nerve-wracking process to grow so rapidly. There is a lot at stake for Landlords, the staff and the Directors of the company, so it was vital that we did this right. Our staff number doubled, and it has been pleasing to see the two original teams assimilate and embrace our systems.”

Having well organised and reliable systems makes a huge difference in the property management sector. Property Managers have everything they need to do their job well, which means they can work more efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, helps to reduce stress and create happier staff, leading to retention. Having sound systems in place can positively impact the people who work in your Agency.

Thanks to the assistance of Real Estate Dynamics, Vanessa explains that Response RE was able to overcome their prior challenge of having staff members with different approaches to their work and instead established transparent and consistent systems. These systems have been instrumental in allowing for seamless transitions and individual staff growth.

“We had different staff doing things in different ways. This was fine when we were small but we knew that this would not work with the planned growth. We have consolidated our tasks and streamlined everything so that we have transparency and consistency in our systems. Liz also helped guide me as we restructured the department and hired an expert Human Resources Manager who took on recruitment and management tasks to free me up for focussing on systems to support the growth of the PM Department.”

Looking forward, Response RE has set ambitious goals for the next 12 months, which include doubling their size yet again. Vanessa is confident that their documented and operational systems will allow for a smooth transition and continue to support their growth.

“We are spending this time just reviewing our systems and fine tuning but have all the foundations in place for this growth so its not nearly as nerve wracking now – we are ready for it!”

Having documented operational systems in place is essential to ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly, especially during times of transition. These systems provide a solid foundation for growth and development, allowing you to expand and evolve without compromising your operations.

We all know Real Estate can be a complex and dynamic industry that requires a combination of knowledge, skill and passion to succeed, so we asked Vanessa if she had any advice to pass on “Sign up, utilise the knowledge, resources and support and if you do get a chance to work with Liz – I cant recommend her highly enough – she was fantastic! She genuinely cared about what I was doing, and supported me on my journey. She was invested in the process, and not only provided me with guidance and the tools to change my mindset, and help me refine our systems, but made me feel that she was just as excited about my wins and learning along the way as I was!”