Business Summary Fee – 3 Schedules

$1,424.50 Inc. GST

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Business Summary Fee

Disclosure Data Collection

I/we wish to acknowledge that Real Estate Dynamics will disclose my/our contact information to a third party Independent Contractor to make arrangements for Data Collection. The third party is under a confidentiality agreement to Real Estate Dynamics.

I/we acknowledge that the information I/we are required to disclose in order to complete the Business Sale Information Pack / Information Memorandum Booklet is (as applicable to my/our Business for sale) including but not limited to the list below and I/we have authorised this Authority a person or persons able to retrieve this information from Trust Account software or files contained within the Business appointing Real Estate Dynamics.[/vc_column_text][mk_custom_list]

  • Rent Roll/s included in sale (including address, all property types, suburb, landlords, weekly rent + management fee)
  • Details of income from booking fees/extra fees & charges
  • Operational data (arrears, letting & leasing, maintenance and routine inspections)
  • Multiple & staff family owned property information
  • Current employee information (including entitlements & remuneration)
  • Sales/Property Management Agency details including office lease and building information, franchise details
  • Sales data including current listings & values, commissions received into Business & paid to Agents
  • Access to Profit, Loss and Income reports