Buyer E-Guide: Asset or Goodwill Purchase + Rent Roll Contract

$7,700.00 Inc. GST

Buyer E-Guide Modules


The following Modules will be included in the Buyer E-Guide for the Buyer to go through with accompanying videos, checklists and templates:

Module 1: CEO Welcome & Buyers E-Guide Introduction

Module 2: Understanding the Process

Module 3: Negotiation & the Contract Process

Module 4: Unconditional Contract

Module 5: Settlement

Module 6: Introduction to Agency Services

Module 7: Retention

Module 8: Thank You


Rent Roll Only Contract Service to be Provided by Real Estate Dynamics


The following service will be provided by Real Estate Dynamics for the Client. All or some of the following inclusions may be utilised as applicable to the Client’s requirements.


  • Supply of exclusive Rent Roll only Contract (No Sales Business included)
  • Prepare Contract with the following details supplied to Real Estate Dynamics by the Client in writing:
    • Selling entity particulars (as per the Agreed Terms)
    • Buying entity particulars (as per the Agreed Terms)
    • Solicitors – Seller: (as per the Agreed Terms)
    • Solicitor – Buyer: (as per the Agreed Terms)
    • Stakeholder: Seller’s Solicitor
    • Purchase price
    • Deposit terms (deposit to be held by Seller’s Solicitor)
    • Attach relevant Schedules to the Contract ie:
      • Inventory – supplied to Real Estate Dynamics
      • Leases – copies of all leases included in sale to be supplied to Real Estate Dynamics
      • Employees transferring – Employee list and entitlements to be supplied to Real Estate Dynamics
      • Send Client the finalised prepared Contract ready for signing