Leasing Kit

$124.95 Inc. GST

Set the tone for the high level of quality service that your prospective Tenants should come to expect from your Agency. This Leasing kit will provide all of the documents to ensure that a prospective Tenant has all of the information required to submit a successful application, and also provide the Agency with all of the necessary templates to process a Tenancy Application quickly and efficiently.

Our most popular documents have been compiled into kits for all the common, everyday tasks in your Property Management Department.

  • Kits contain a combination of Letters, Checklists, forms and other useful templates in Word form
  • Efficient and Easy to use!

Having these documents ready when you need them will:

  • Save you time
  • Ensure that you don’t miss out on an important step

You can also:

  • Customise with your own logo and branding
  • Collate them into packs to include your own Agency documents
  • Package them according to your specific systems and processes


These documents are either UNIVERSAL ie: they can be used in all locations, in conjunction with your State’s specific documents.

Or, they are BEST PRACTICE ie: they are suitable for all locations; national and internationally – subject to the application of the relevant local Legislation and timeframes being applied.

  • New Tenancy & Leasing Flowchart
  • Application Processing Checklist
  • Photo Authority
  • Email Enquiry Template Reply
  • Rental Property Required
  • Pre Application Information
  • Visitor Security Register
  • Employment Confirmation Request
  • Financial Confirmation Request
  • Rental Reference Request
  • Confirmation of Tenancy and Moving In Costs
  • Tenant Consent for Open House
  • Tenancy Application Checklist
  • Application Confirmation to Tenant
  • Pet Application and Agreement
  • Sign-Up Ceremony Confirmation & Agenda