Tribunal Kit – VIC

$124.95 Inc. GST

Preparing an application and going to Tribunal can be daunting.  This Tribunal Kit will ensure that you have all of the information prepared for Tribunal in order to receive the best possible outcome for your Client.

Our most popular documents have been compiled into kits for all the common, everyday tasks in your Property Management Department.

  • Kits contain a combination of Letters, Checklists, forms and other useful templates in Word form
  • Efficient and Easy to use!

Having these documents ready when you need them will:

  • Save you time
  • Ensure that you don’t miss out on an important step

You can also:

  • Customise with your own logo and branding
  • Collate them into packs to include your own Agency documents
  • Package them according to your specific systems and processes


These documents are either specific to VIC ie: documents that are specific to VIC legislation and timeframes.

Or, they are UNIVERSAL ie: they can be used in all locations, in conjunction with your State’s specific documents.

  • Tribunal Application Checklist
  • Warrant of Possession Checklist
  • Landlord Instruction for VCAT Audio or Transcript
  • Failure to Vacate - Order for Posession
  • Tribunal Expense Tracker
  • Tribunal Application Advice to Landlord
  • Tribunal Application Advice to Tenant
  • Tribunal Hearing - Landlord Advice
  • Tribunal Hearing - Tenant Advice
  • Summary Statement of Monies Owed
  • Tribunal Hearing Outcome Advice to Landlord
  • Tribunal Hearing Outcome Advice to Tenant
  • Warrant of Possession Successful