Elisa Miller

Business Consultant


T: 1300 734 596
E: elisamiller@realestatedynamics.com.au

Beginning in Victoria, 2003, Elisa commenced a successful real estate sales career and later chose to pursue property management after becoming an investor herself. This led to her commencing a PM department in her own business in 2006.

Elisa’s ability to build and maintain great relationships with clients, contractors and her team created a fast growing rent roll business.

As a PM Department Manager, Elisa is no stranger to the responsibilities of running the day to day operations of a Property Management Department.  She has been involved in all aspects of property management from management, strategic growth planning, recruiting & training, general & trust accounting, tribunal right through to ensuring a quality service delivery for clients and customers.


The move to Queensland saw Elisa employed in commercial property management before moving back into residential as a department manager again.  Elisa is passionate about the real estate industry but in particular helping alleviate the pressure by using her experience and expertise to help implement systems that will allow more growth for the business and less stress for the property manager.

A born thinker, Elisa excels when it comes to problem solving and thinking outside the box to help her clients achieve their goals.

“Whether you are building a rent roll or working as a frontline property manager, I know first hand what it means to be successful in the real estate profession.  I will continue to share all I have learned in my career with the aim that others will benefit from my knowledge and support; this role is the most rewarding job I have ever done”

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