Lauren Lauder

Brokerage Associate

Phone: 0448 388 778

Expertise: Real Estate Brokerage, Agency Operations, Leadership & Property Management

Industry: Real Estate (Since 2007)

Qualifications: Post-graduate Certificate in Business

Department: Sales

Hello, I’m Lauren Lauder, and I specialise in assisting business leaders with their Rent Roll journeys.

With over 15 years of experience in leading property management businesses, I have worked with clients in diverse locations, earning a reputation for being knowledgeable, pragmatic, and displaying integrity.

Putting my client’s best interests first, I approach each situation with a solution-focused mindset.

I empathise with the challenges of building a successful business and am dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for you as you realise the rewards of your Rent Roll.

Having personally navigated Rent Roll transitions multiple times, I understand the complexities involved and can guide clients seamlessly through the process.

My transition to Rent Roll brokerage is driven by a passion for facilitating mutually beneficial deals for all business leaders.

You can reach me at 0448 388 778 or honouring the highest confidentiality.

When not assisting clients, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, exploring parks, walking tracks, and seeking out the best coffee spots.

“As Rent Roll transactions can be complicated, you may want to know that I have experienced this journey myself – well, yes I have, and more than once. I can seamlessly help you navigate the intricacies of the entire process and I am driven to achieve the best outcome for you as you realise the rewards of your Rent Roll.”


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