STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program

Past graduates of this program are consistently signing 20 new managements each month. Learn exactly what you need to become a high performing BDM and achieve consistent results.




STANDOUT is an 8-week course for BDM’s that delivers the skills and learning from over 16 years’ experience working with Australia’s best BDM’s. We teach the key habits used by BDM’s that list 20+ properties per month consistently and show you how to refine your skills to standout from the competition. 

Delivered in online group sessions where you can actively engage with other BDM’s, converse and share knowledge as you all go through the program. During these meetings, we teach and help implement each aspect of the course. We also set tasks to perform prior to the next meeting and we will review those actions in the next session.

From the moment you receive your learning guide with links to all the content and resources for each module, you will be on your way to hitting monthly targets faster than ever before. The guide also details the action tasks required by you between each group session, which allows you to put what you have learnt into practice straight away.

The leader/manager is invited to attend the meetings, which is complimentary, but we ask that they do not engage or influence the BDM forum discussions, so that we can enhance the attendees learning and development. 

Course Model

    1. Module 1 – 7 Channels of Growth
    2. Module 2 – Selling Skills
    3. Module 3 – Objection Handling
    4. Module 4 – Professional Development


      $1,650.00 per person, which is the average annual management revenue from just one new property gained. 

      CPD Points

        Tasmania  this course has been approved by the Property Agents Board for 5 CPD points.

        New South Wales – completion of this course can provide you with 3 hours of elective CPD topics.

        Delivery Method

          This course is delivered through a blend of live instructor led online sessions and self-paced online learning. 

          Please note that session times are AEST (QLD time).

          Who Should Attend?

            This course is suitable for business development managers or those who have the responsibility of generating new business.

            Learning Outcomes

              At the end of this course, you will be able to:


              1. Systematically generate new business through the proven growth channels
              2. Maintain your energy and focus through a solid prospecting routine
              3. Deliver a strong listing presentation
              4. Confidently use the proven scripts and dialogue
              5. Overcome objections in order to close for the business at every listing presentation
              6. Implement a personal growth plan to achieve your goals
              7. Develop the same habits as the top BDM’s in the country

              Learning Outcomes

                “I never thought it would put me on the path to my most successful year as a BDM yet”

                I have been a BDM for quite some time and just simply lost my way a little, I was seeking something fresh, new and challenging and didn’t know where to start!

                The course pushed me to be my best self, it challenged me, kept me accountable and most importantly made me realise I was bloody good at my job and to not get disheartened by the occasional negativity.

                Going into the STANDOUT BDM program was something I did on a whim. I never thought it would put me on the path to my most successful year as a Business Development Manager yet. Thank you for being amazing and igniting my passion for Real Estate once more (even for an experienced BDM, I got significant value). Strongly recommend!

                JAMIE-LEE BILLERWELL

                Code Property Group, QLD


                “I hadn’t really done any formal training with my BDM before”

                There was no hesitation at all when deciding to enrol my BDM into the STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program. I was so pleased to see it as I hadn’t really done any formal training with my BDM before – it was perfect timing!

                The best feature of the program is that BDM’s get to hear other BDM’s solutions to problems. We discussed 12 things that you can do before you adjust the price which is great in winning new business and we actually had a situation just like this that we could use what we learnt.

                This program provides excellent scripts and dialogue training. The examples of clever communications, the great conversations and some very innovative suggestions from the other BDM’s really builds results in scripts. My BDM is very good but since joining the program, her prospecting numbers have risen greatly which I’m very happy to see. Just the subtly of the words can make a very big difference in the outcome for a BDM.

                I would highly recommend enrolling your BDM into this course.

                JONATHAN HAYDEN

                Hayden Real Estate, VIC

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