STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program

Get the skills to thrive as a world class BDM.

from $1,850.00 inc GST*

*per Business Development Manager

“We have listened to the feedback of hundreds of BDM’s around Australia and NZ and honed-in on the common tools, routines and actions that the best BDM’s do daily to get unwavering growth.”

“Not getting the most out of your role as a BDM?”

STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program has been specifically designed based on over 15 years’ experience in coaching Property Management businesses. Believe it or not, we consider growth to be the easy part of your property management business and we have designed the system to prove it.

BDM’s are salespeople! We should know, we’ve worked with hundreds. We know you don’t want to waste time on unproven ways of gaining new business, we know you don’t want a slow 1-year program of drip fed tools that are useless, nor do you want just another coach that just wants you to hand in your weekly results. STANDOUT is a fast-paced, habit building, interactive, group learning program for people that are serious about GROWTH.

“I hadn’t really done any formal training with my BDM before”

There was no hesitation at all when deciding to enrol my BDM into the STANDOUT BDM Performance Program. I was so pleased to see it as I hadn’t really done any formal training with my BDM before – it was perfect timing! The best feature of the STANDOUT program is that BDM’s get to hear other BDM’s solutions to problems. We discussed 12 things that you can do before you adjust the price which is great in winning new business and we actually had a situation just like this that we could use what we learnt.

This program provides excellent scripts and dialogue training. The examples of clever communications, the great conversations and some very innovative suggestions from the other BDM’s really builds results in scripts. My BDM is very good but since joining the program her prospecting numbers have risen greatly which I’m very happy to see. Just the subtly of the words can make a very big difference in the outcome for a BDM.

I would highly recommend enrolling your BDM into the STANDOUT BDM Performance Program with Real Estate Dynamics.


Hayden Real Estate – South Yarra

At the completion of the program you can expect to achieve the following:

  • You will know how to systematically generate new business through the ‘7 channels of growth’
  • Build in the routine of prospecting and maintain energy and focus
  • Develop a stronger listing presentation
  • Be proficient in overcoming objections in order to close for the business at every listing
  • Implement a personal growth plan to achieve your goals

STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program is valued at $1,850 inc GST which is the average annual management revenue from just one new property gained… that’s all it takes to align your skills to high performing BDM’s that list over 20 per month consistently.

See How the Program is Delivered

Through STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program you will gain:

A professional development plan

Winning scripts and dialogues

An improved, structured way of growth thinking

Exclusive learning environment with other BDM's

A listing presentation designed to get results

Bragging rights of being a 'World Class' BDM


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