Special Terms for Brokerage Services

1.       Opinion of Market Worth  (OMW)

1.1    The opinion of market worth is not a sworn valuation nor can it be relied on as such.

1.2    The opinion of market worth is an indication of market value relevant as at the date the opinion is made. Real market value can only be determined by the amount a willing purchaser is prepared to pay for the business at the time of sale.

1.3    The accuracy of any information obtained from a third party and used in preparation of the opinion of market worth cannot be guaranteed and Real Estate Dynamics shall have no liability to the requesting party or any other party, for any information obtained from third party sources.

1.4    The Agent is not responsible for any damage or loss sustained by the requesting party and any other party that may arise from the information provided.

1.5    The opinion of market worth will be prepared solely for the information of the individual who has retained the service.

1.6    The information contained in the opinion of market worth cannot be reproduced, edited, changed or altered in any way.

1.7    For further information on how data is collected and used for this service, please refer to the Data Collection Statement.

2.       Indicative Market Value (IMV)

2.1    All information that has been used by Real Estate Dynamics to assess the Indicative Market Value of this Business, has been supplied to Real Estate Dynamics from the Business Owner and / or their nominated representative.  

2.2    Real Estate Dynamics absolutely and unequivocally disclaims all and any responsibility for the accuracy of all information provided by the Owner of the business and that: 

2.2.1          It is not the source of that information, and it has neither endorsed or approved that information; and 

2.2.2          It has merely been used as a guide to assess the Business for an Indicative Market Value as requested by the Business Owner.

2.3    The Business Owner understands and accepts that: 

2.3.1          The Indicative Market Value is a guide only, as additional, detailed Business operational and financial information, including profit/loss reports, were not included in this assessment; and such information may affect and change the final market value assessment and listing price at the time of listing the Business for sale.

2.3.2          The Indicative Market Value is for their use only and is not to be supplied to any third party without consent by Real Estate Dynamics in writing. 

3.       Contract-Only Service

3.1    The Contract-Only Services provide a QLD, NSW or VIC Rent Roll Contract of Sale template written by commercial lawyers as at 2023. Real Estate Dynamics will prepare the Contract of Sale with details supplied to Real Estate Dynamics by the Client in writing.

3.2    Payment for the Contract-Only service is payable upon signing of the Service Confirmation. A Tax Invoice will be forwarded separately via email with secure payment options.

3.3    The Client is responsible for supplying any annexures or schedules to Real Estate Dynamics that are required to be included with the Contract of Sale.

3.4    The service is deemed as complete once the Client has received a copy of the prepared Contract of Sale.

3.5    For Contract-Only Services, Real Estate Dynamics does not hold or handle any funds in trust.

3.6    This purchase does not include Brokerage Consulting, advertising, negotiation, due diligence or any other brokerage service.

3.7    Real Estate Dynamics is not liable for any damages due to the use of the Contract of Sale and would recommend that both seller and purchaser seek independent legal advice.

3.8    No refunds are available after the purchase of a Contract-Only service.

3.9    The Contract of Sale templates are copyright of Real Estate Dynamics and are not to reproduced, resold, reused or distributed in anyway without the consent of Real Estate Dynamics.

4.       Buyer and Seller eGuides

4.1    Individuals agree that their log-in details and eGuide content cannot be shared. Sharing of this information may lead to suspension of your access and forfeit of amount paid.

4.2    No refunds are available if the eGuide has been accessed or commenced.

4.3    If an individual has access to the eGuide for a period of 12-months from the date of purchase, at which time the account will be closed. No refunds are paid if the account has not been accessed during this period.

4.4    Buyer and Seller eGuides outline the steps required during the sale or purchase a type of Rent Roll or Agency business. For more specialised advice, we would strongly recommend the use of a Broker.

5.       Brokerage Consultant Meetings

5.1    Brokerage consultant meetings are single-purchase services that are sold in 1, 4 or 8 meeting bundles through the online shop over the Real Estate Dynamics website.

5.2    Brokerage consultant meetings are limited to a maximum of 60-minutes. Please ensure that you log into the waiting room 5-minutes before the scheduled start time.

5.3    Payment for Brokerage consultant meetings will be deducted immediately upon purchase from your chosen credit card or bank account.

5.4    Additional time or meetings will be at an additional charge.

5.5    If you are more than 15 minutes late or you fail to attend the scheduled meeting, you forfeit the meeting at full cost.

5.6    Changes to meeting times must be coordinated with the Broker with a minimum of 48 business hours notice.

5.7    If your regular Brokerage consultant is unavailable, Real Estate Dynamics will endeavour to appoint another Brokerage consultant or reschedule the session.

5.8    Real Estate Dynamics reserves the right to cancel the Brokerage consulting service at any time. A refund for the remaining meetings will be provided.

6.       Brokerage Services

6.1    Brokerage Services for Sellers

6.1.1          The seller agrees that Real Estate Dynamics may communicate with the sellers chosen advisors (e.g. solicitors, finance broker) for the purpose of fulfilling the service agreement.

6.1.2          For other terms and conditions relating to this service, please refer to your relevant service agreement.

6.2    Brokerage Services for Purchasers

6.2.1          A Confidentiality Agreement must be signed before releasing any information relating to a listing. Individuals are bound by the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement.

6.2.2          The purchaser agrees that Real Estate Dynamics may communicate with the purchasers chosen advisors (e.g. solicitors, finance broker) for the purpose of completing a sale.