Terms for Real Estate Dynamics’ Travel Policy

These terms outline the policy for reimbursement of travel and associated costs incurred by employees and contractors while delivering onsite services for Real Estate Dynamics.


Real Estate Dynamics will pass on to the client all travel, accommodation and associated costs incurred by employees and contractors in the delivery of onsite services. Clients will be advised of the estimated travel cost during the sales process. Travel costs are billed to the client in arrears. It is important to note that it is not our objective to profit from these costs. Receipts for all travel costs must be submitted to Real Estate Dynamics from employees and contracts before the costs are billed to the client.

2. GST

Real Estate Dynamics is registered for GST and will pass on all net (GST exclusive) travel costs to the client with the required 10% GST added to the cost.


3.1 Metropolitan Areas

For the purposes of this policy, metropolitan areas are defined as:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast

Real Estate Dynamics does not charge clients any travel and associated costs for travel within these metropolitan areas.

Generally, if travel by car to the client site is within one hour from the CBD (during normal business hours) of any of the above cities, this is considered to be metropolitan.

3.2 Regional Areas

For the purpose of this policy, regional areas are defined as all non-metropolitan areas. Please contact Real Estate Dynamics if there is any uncertainty regarding the classification of a particular location.

4. Kilometres

If the client is deemed to be regional (as defined by Real Estate Dynamics), the full amount of kilometres travelled will be charged as per the current ATO rate ($0.68 as at 1 July 2019) excluding GST.

5. Air Travel and Associated Costs

Air travel and associated parking and taxi costs will be charged at cost. The cheapest and most direct flight will be obtained.

Taxis and reasonable parking costs associated with air travel will also be charged at cost.

Car hire will be considered as an alternative to taxis where more economical. Where car hire is required, additional insurance is purchased to reduce the excess payable in the event of an accident.

6. Train, Bus or Ferry Travel

Where travel to a client site requires a train, bus or ferry, the full cost will charged at cost.

7. Accommodation

Where it is necessary to stay overnight in a hotel, the client will be charged no more than $250.00 per night (incl. GST). The most reasonable and convenient accommodation will be chosen however, there may be instances where the cost of accommodation exceeds this amount. The client will be contacted prior to booking if this is the case.

8. Meal Expenses

Meal expenses are charged at cost up to a maximum of $55.00 per day (incl. GST).

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