“At the time I was considering selling, I was concerned that I wouldn’t find someone with strong representation, support and knowledge of rent roll sales. However, Real Estate Dynamics and Brad were fantastic and did everything I could have asked for. Like many business sales not everything goes to plan, however whenever we struck a hurdle Brad was willing and ready to overcome any issues and provide support, good counsel, and knowledge of what to do and allowed me to remain confident that a result would be achieved.

Along with their constant communication, information and advice when needed, I also appreciated their background information as we progressed through the sale, as well as an affirmative approach and prompt responses when required.

I would personally like to thank Brad for guiding me through the process of selling. Whilst I have been involved with business sales myself, nothing can prepare you for the sale of your own business. It is stressful, and trying at times however at each stage and especially when things didn’t go to plan I was able to speak with Brad, who would calm me down and just assure me that he was in control of what was going on and assure me that he was already on top of what needed to be done, which he did and which eventuated in a fantastic result.

9/10 I recommend using Real Estate Dynamics when selling your Rent Roll.”


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