At first I was concerned whether this course would help me with generating leads and how to source them.  However, the knowledge and expertise were top-notch. They really knew their stuff, and it showed. The course content was rich with valuable information, and I loved how they made it easy to understand. The KPI Tracker, weekly planner and personal performance plan were my favourite parts of the training. They made me sit down and really think about my goals for the next few months and beyond. It gave me a clear direction to follow and boosted my motivation like never before. The scripts provided were well-crafted for calling potential clients. These scripts proved to be an invaluable resource that not only boosted my confidence but also enhanced my ability to engage in role-plays effectively. The practical application of the training through these scripts greatly contributed to my overall learning experience. 8/10 I would recommend BDM Performance Program to any BDM in Property Management.