“At the time I was deciding on a Broker, my only concern was that my accountant already had their own brokerage arm. Despite this, what I realised was that I should have gone with Real Estate Dynamics and Stephen Gray to begin with!

What I liked most about Real Estate Dynamics is that they are a well-oiled machine… What took my old broker 2-3 weeks, Real Estate Dynamics got done in 24-48 hours. What I saved in commission with my broker, ended up costing me more as they did not prepare contracts themselves and had to have a solicitor do it; plus much more.

I really appreciated how I was saving on legal fees as you draft the contract yourself and the communication was excellent (this is a simple one, but a biggie). S‑-t just got done.

10/10 I recommend Real Estate Dynamics as your Broker if you are looking to sell!”