Business Health Check Assessment

A FREE Health Check of your Agency in comparison to Industry Data



What is a Business Health Check?

A FREE Business Health Check on your Property Management business using industry-standard

data to benchmark your business against the rest of the country. How do you measure up?

During this online assessment with one of our consultants, we will cover some common topics including:

  • Is your Management fee making or costing you $$$?
  • Remove stickiness in your business
  • Stop wasteful activities
  • See how you measure up to the national benchmarks
  • Systemise your business = Reduce time = Reduce stress =INCREASED PROFITS
  • Does 20 new properties per month sound good to you?
  • Is your Property Management department above average?

We’ve met with hundreds of real estate business owners around the country

and we know what it takes for you to win in property management.

“Something isn’t right…But I just can’t put my finger on it”

If you have found yourself here, it is possible that you’ve hit a barrier point in your property management business and you now need to gain some knowledge on what to do about it.

Whether you have stopped growing, are experiencing staff turnover or just aren’t making enough money, this Business Health Check is the first step in taking back control and building a pain-free property management business.

This Health Check will provide you with valuable insights into your Rent Roll business which will give you confidence and clarity on what to do next.

What will I get out of it?

Before our meeting, we will ask you to fill out a quick survey to provide us with some basic information about your Rent Roll. When we meet, we will use this information to focus on your biggest areas of concern and to share some industry benchmarking so that you can see how you compare with other businesses.

In our meeting, we will discuss:


  • Knowledge on what to do next
  • Find out what successful businesses are doing
  • Take back control of your Rent Roll
  • Gain valuable insights into your Rent Roll
  • Industry benchmarking
  • An expert assessment of your business
  • Get immediate fixes you can use today

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