Consulting Sessions

$220.00$1,760.00 Inc. GST

Agency Management Consulting gives you the ability to talk with someone outside of your business who can offer specialised advice such as:

  1. Providing specific information.
  2. Solving a problem.
  3. Making a diagnosis, which may redefine the problem.
  4. Making recommendations based on a diagnosis.
  5. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions.
  6. Building consensus and commitment around corrective action.
  7. Facilitating client learning— Teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future.
  8. Permanently improving organisational effectiveness.

Our Consultants have industry-specific knowledge and are supported by our Agency Mastery Resources to ensure that the highest level of advice and support is available to you.  The goal is to help you take the correct growth path by implementing scalable structures, operational efficiency and strategic planning.

At some stage all high-performance individuals get to a point where they find a barrier to get them where they want to go.  This can stall an Agency and waste valuable time to find a solution especially with the commitments that come with the job.  Gaining advice from a consultant can save time and ensure that you are headed in the right direction. Consulting is a way to gain fast support, knowledge, guidance, and confidence that you are on the right path.

  • Remove the guesswork and gain professional insight into your business practice and processes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Have support each step of the way when implementing new processes and systems to make your business more profitable.
  • Support in gaining staff buy-in and consensus when implementing any organisational change.
  • To have someone to guide you through challenging times and provide advice when making important decisions or having difficult conversations.
  • Strategic planning for short and long term goals to provide a blueprint to take you where you want to go with your Agency.
  • Accountability to keep you focused to continue moving forward towards your goals.

Who is Consulting suited for?

  • Real Estate Business Owners and industry Leaders.
  • Property Management Executives, Managers and Leaders.