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    • Support Hotline - Access to phone and email ticket support
    • Support Hotline - Access to the ‘Live’ Property Management chat support
    • Invitation to special Events and Keynote sessions
    • Full access to KNOWLEDGE | Performance Support Platform
    • Scheduled Webinars
    • Training – Live Online STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program (RRP $1,650)
    • Training – Live Online WIPM | Winning in Property Management Program (min. RRP $595)
    • Training – Live Online Courses
    • Consulting – 45-minute monthly online meetings with your own business consultant
    • Consulting – 4Q | Operational Efficiency Program (min. RRP $8,900)
    • Consulting – FOUNDATION | Business Performance Structure Program (min. RRP $8,900)
    • Consulting – Strategy (Annual) / Planning (Quarterly) sessions
    • Consulting – Single Consulting session (RRP $220 per hour)
    • Consulting – All other Consulting programs
    • Consulting – Rent Roll Business Diagnostic (min. RRP $4,600)
    • Consulting – Boost Pack of 11 extra Consulting sessions (RRP $2,420)
    • Coaching – Leadership Coaching pathway sessions (RRP $220 per hour)
    • Coaching – Performance Coaching pathway sessions (RRP $220 per hour)
    • Brokerage – Annual Rent Roll Opinion of Market Worth report (min. RRP $2,640)
    • Brokerage – Exclusive pre-market notifications on Rent Roll listings available in the area
    • Brokerage – Business Information Pack (min. RRP $1,094.50)
    • Resource
    • $299per month
    • 20% OFF
    • 20% OFF
    • 20% OFF
    • 10% OFF
    • 10% OFF
    • 10% OFF
    • 10% OFF
    • 10% OFF
    • 10% OFF
    • Agency
    • $799per month
    • 20% OFF
    • 20% OFF
    • 20% OFF
    • 50% OFF
    • 20% OFF
    • 20% OFF
    • $1,000
    • 50% OFF
    • 50% OFF
    • 50% OFF


  1. Monthly business consulting sessions run for 11 months per calendar year.
  2. Business diagnostic min RRP $4,600 per office.
  3. Services delivered face-to-face incur additional expenses, please refer to our Travel Policy for details.
  4. Some training and programs have a limited number of seats and are subject to availability. If your preferred session is full, we will offer an alternative option.
  5. All prices are GST inclusive.
  6. For full Terms & Conditions, visit:

Not sure what our programs are? Here’s a brief overview, and you can also click the links to find out more:

KNOWLEDGE | Performance Support Platform: our members-only extensive library of tools, documented systems and resources to support you in managing every step of your Property Management journey, including how-to guides, calculators, scripts, checklists, and more.

WIPM | Winning in Property Management Program: Property Managers at all levels, a comprehensive course for Property Managers and Management Agencies, teaching you the winning formula to build trust, loyalty and peace of mind with your Landlords and Tenants, packed with practical case studies, problem-solving, and dialogue training, covering all Management and Tenancy cycles.

4Q | Operational Efficiency Program: Guided by your business consultant, this program is designed to deliver the massive efficiencies into your Property Management business.  Clearly define roles, select the right people and get them doing the right things.  This program will bring profit through efficiency and allow you to increase your level of client and customer satisfaction.

FOUNDATION | Business Performance Structure: a proven roadmap to transform Real Estate and Property Management organisations into efficient, scalable businesses, with a clear blueprint of where you are heading. Our tools and resources provide the critical path to build and implement a better operational model, adding efficiencies and ultimately leading to freedom and peace of mind.

Rent Roll Business Diagnostic: an in-depth X-ray into the health of your business. This diagnostic session provides clarity in the areas of the company that is likely holding it back, or worse, costing it money. It then offers critical guidance on the steps needed to take your business back on the profitable track.

Leadership Coaching: tailor-made management coaching suitable for both new and experienced leaders in need to develop or improve their leadership skills. Focusing on developing your leadership capabilities, our coaches will help you identify the gaps in your current skills, map the areas in need of improvement and help you to incorporate and achieve business objectives.

Performance Coaching: with a strong focus on your KPIs and career development, our coach will help you understand the requirements of your role, identify gaps in skills and performance, and offer practical advice and clear guidance on how to improve performance and reach your career goals.

Opinion of Market Worth: featuring comprehensive business intelligence data, this detailed report documents an assessment and appraisal, by one of our experienced, specialist Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency Brokers to provide business owners with an informed, current opinion of the market worth of their business, in confidence.  Ideal for updating your balance sheet assets.


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