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Performance Structure

A proven roadmap to transform your business and provide

you peace of mind and freedom in your life. 

from $8,900 inc GST

When was the last time you felt comfortable to take a holiday

without constantly worrying about your business?

Congratulations, you have found the right solution to transform your business which will enable you to accomplish your objectives and achieve your goals.

  • The FOUNDATION | Business Performance Structure program will help you unlock your potential and open a whole new world of business opportunities. You won’t see your business the same way ever again.

    Defining the departments in your business is not quite as simple as having a Property Management department, Sales department and maybe an Admin department. Even though these departments help you define where your people group together in the business, they don’t help you to effectively breakdown the responsibilities so that your business can scale up.

    The FOUNDATION | Business Performance Structure program will allow you to not only scale your business but always chunks work into areas of key responsibilities that your people can understand.

Workplace clarity is a big problem in businesses today.

Staff churn in Property Management is an epidemic!

The FOUNDATION | Business Performance Structure program helps leaders like you, build their Rent Roll.

The program embeds 6 essential STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS that deliver:

  • Scalability
  • Staff clarity and motivation
  • Systems that deliver consistent value to your customers
  • Speed and Efficiencies
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Hyper Communication

These 6 essential STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS build a solid foundation in your business.

The reason this program is so successful is the combination of training and resources which create the ideal success environment for you, your team and your business.

The reason this consultancy program is so highly successful for some many businesses is because of the combination of the tools, templates and resources that are imbedded into your business with guided implementation.

Testimonials and Recommendations

“Clear direction and confidence in being a leader"

Daynes Property

“The only slight hesitation in joining the coaching and training program was taking on the change…”

“Having been with a franchise group, none of this was offered!”

RISE Property Managemen

“We love the business structure side of things (Four Quadrant Model) and having tools already set up…”

“Everyone should be doing this”

Professionals Tamworth

“We are moving much faster with RED than we ever could have done on our own. One of the program benefits…”

“Letting go of traditional models that don’t work”

Belle Property Noosa

“The biggest wake up call for me was letting go and breaking through traditional models…”

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